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Teen Indy Film Documentary on Prescription Drug Abuse

Cyrus Stowe was a senior at Dallas High School when he made his documentary Out of Reach. With the goal of exploring the prescription drug abuse in his hometown, the movie has become an awareness-raising tool to help communities, parents and kids recognize that not only are prescription medications dangerous but also that their use […]

Cyberbullying & Substance Abuse Connection in Teens

A recent study published in the Journal of Adolescent Health reveals that teen boys who have been cyberbullied run a higher risk of developing substance abuse problems than teens who have not been the victim of online attack. Cyberbullying, a relatively new phenomenon, refers to the practice of harassing and/or abusing someone via social media, […]

Most Common Teen Mental Health Problem: Addiction

The addiction epidemic in the United States is not just a headline-grabbing phenomenon. It’s a very real, widespread medical problem. The average American teen is more likely to deal with drug use and subsequent addiction than to be diagnosed with any other mental health problem, according to a new study. Experts estimate that more than […]

Former Disney Star Lee Thompson Young Commits Suicide

Fans, coworkers, and industry people alike were shocked to hear that 29-year-old Lee Thompson Young apparently ended his life on Tuesday, August 19. Unlike other stars who passed too soon, Young’s death had nothing to do with drugs or alcohol. There is no overdose to report and no reckless lifestyle that resulted in his untimely […]

One College Offers Teens and Prescription Drug Education

The problem of drug and alcohol abuse has always been an issue for college campuses. Freshly out from under the constant surveillance of parents, many kids decide to do whatever comes their way. Unfortunately, without parents there to advise them, many take the prescription medications prescribed to their roommates and friends with little understanding about […]

Family Dinners Linked to Decreased Rate of Teen Drug and Alcohol Use

You’ve heard it said in a number of different forums and repeated in parenting magazines and public service announcements for years—and for good reason. Family dinners are of huge benefit to your children and one of those many benefits is a decreased rate of drug and alcohol abuse in their teen years, according to a […]

Justin Bieber Apologizes for Marijuana Use … Kind Of

When pictures of Justin Bieber smoking marijuana at a party in Newport Beach, CA, went viral online, he made no official comment on the incident to the press. But when he recently hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time, one of his skits referenced the incident, and he offered an apology, albeit in the […]