Smiling parents at Muir Wood

What Families Say About Us

We are proud of the treatment we offer at Muir Wood and the impact it has on the teens in our care and their families. Doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, education consultants, and addiction specialists throughout the U.S. and Canada trust Muir Wood’s treatment program.

When their teens needed help, the families below chose Muir Wood. Here they share their stories of the life-changing decision they made to enroll their child at Muir Wood and the aftermath of that treatment.



“I can tell you from my personal experience the staff at Muir Wood saved my family. My son was battling addiction and that battle was destroying him and us. It is my most sincere belief that only due to the extraordinary skill of the staff at Muir Wood is my family intact today.” – D.B. (father of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“As a result of Muir Wood, our son graduated from high school (and received the highest semester grade point average from his school), applied to and was accepted to a University, was able to work as a youth counselor at a summer camp this past summer, and now has a chance for a productive and rewarding future, that we believe did not exist just a year ago.” – E.A. (father of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“My fifteen-year-old son was in a downward spiral of addiction and depression that almost annihilated him and devastated our family. Muir Wood saved my son’s life and began the healing process for our family. The entire staff at Muir Wood demonstrated incredible compassion, integrity and responsive expertise during his stay there and after discharge.” – E.G. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“The clinical program at Muir Wood is outstanding. Each member of our family benefited from the program and we left with a greater awareness of each other, our individual and familial issues, and the shift in behavior required to move forward.” – T.C. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“[Our family therapist at Muir Wood] had great insight and communication skills. I feel you gave us a good foundation to start our son’s adolescent years with a better future.” – S.P. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“I just wanted to touch base and yet again say how much we appreciate you and learned from you…and we hear your voice in our heads every day and [we] are especially utilizing your brilliant teachings with each other and it is truly making a difference. Thank you so much and keep up the awesome work.” – A.C. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“We have all learned and grown so much through this and I imagine our paths have been greatly changed because of it, especially with our new knowledge to help others, as so many of you helped us. We love you so much and can’t thank you enough for being there every minute of the way with us. We know the journey continues and will be up and down, but we are incredibly grateful to you all for your support.” – R.C. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“Arriving at Muir Wood I felt like we were swooped into the heart of a family, we were being held and taken care of in a way that I haven’t felt in a very long time. The day [my partner] and I came for a visit the first people we met were [other parents]. They were sitting in their car and got out after we pulled up. [The mother] came over to us and gave us both a big hug and started talking to us. It was the first time I spoke with another mom who knew exactly what I was going through.” – D.K. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“Muir Wood is a wonderful place, is kept up very well, and the staff is always polite, professional and approachable. One of the nice things about the facility is that it is nice and the teens can focus on their problems and not the environment. If it were not nice (e.g. an outdoor program), the focus can be lost and delay dealing with real issues. I believe the teens see how nice it is and they have one less thing to complain about or be distracted from.” – K.A. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“The clinical treatment program was amazing. There are so many levels of contact and interaction; all of which appear to be coordinated/communicated between the professional staff. The individual sessions (from three different people), combined with the group sessions, appear to break down barriers and allow the teens to deal with underlying issues, rather than just the obvious symptom (addictive behavior) that brought them to the facility. We were surprised at the amount of information they were able to get from our son in a short time and how well he was diagnosed. The family sessions were extremely helpful and added to the understanding of the healing process. Without those sessions, I do not believe our son (and family) would be as ready to deal with the challenges we face after discharge. The multi-family group sessions I felt were extremely helpful, useful and relevant. Interacting with other families (both the kids and parents) was another layer of learning and understanding that we could not get at home (or in a weekly one-hour group session).” – E.A. (father of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“The entire staff was awesome. Any time we needed something they were there immediately.” – D.G. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“There isn’t enough space to tell you how Muir Wood affected our family. We want to acknowledge everyone. You all did your job very and with a lot of care and patience!” – J.N. & K.N. (parents of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“By all accounts from his teachers & advisors, [our son] is more engaged and accountable & able to work through things with tempered emotions. I can’t say enough about your fantastic team at Muir Wood. Every single one of your people made a difference to [our son]. Everyone is all-star caliber. These are people I would trust my son’s life with. [Our son] learned so much under your care. I am deeply grateful.” – T.T. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“For so long I wished for [my son] to have a positive male role model that he could connect with. You all were the answer to my prayers. Never underestimate the importance of the work you do, it saves lives.” – H.K. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“I wish places like Muir Wood were available to all teens who struggle with addiction. I’ve seen the inside of treatment centers that are covered by Medi-Cal and insurance companies and it breaks my heart to think there are so many teens who don’t have the access to places like Muir Wood. All teens deserve a place where they can feel safe and embrace recovery.” – D.K. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“Each call was answered with a caring and professional style. We felt there was no sales pitch / just a deep caring and understanding for what we were going through. Much different than other programs. Scott and Jennifer provided a very customized approach. Sincerely appreciated.” – R.C. (father of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“Stellar team…that customized the program for our [son]. We are thankful for all of your efforts to help him. There were a lot of tough grinding that had to occur as we appreciate the professionalism/ that the team took on [our son’s] behalf. You really run and excellent program.” – Amy C. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“It felt like my son was living in a warm home with people who cared about him, not an institution. That atmosphere really allayed my fears about “sending away” a child who really was not disruptive at home and probably allayed his fears and made him more receptive to working on his issues.” – J.F. (father of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“I was impressed by the phone calls received prior to [our son’s] admission to Muir Wood. I spoke multiple times with Executive Director and Clinical Director. The conversations were comprehensive and I felt the program had a very good understanding of [our son’s] needs. Dr. Wachter, psychiatrist, called and was thorough in reviewing [our son’s] history with me and he also reviewed is previous reports, evaluations, and testing. I never felt rushed and I appreciated all the time they spent with me. This made me feel very comfortable sending him to this program.” – R.A. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“We interviewed many places before deciding on Muir Wood. One of the aspects of the phone call that greatly influenced our decision to send [our son] to Muir Wood was the level of sincere interest in [our son] and what was going on with him. You worked to get an understanding of him as a person and that made it personal for us. For any parent, having a level of confidence that the place you choose will be staffed with caring individuals who are committed to your child is imperative and that came across loud and clear in the initial phone calls. Every other place we called was able to give us a menu of what they did, but did not express the same kind of personal interest in [our son] that [the Muir Wood staff] did upon those initial calls.” – M.J. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“Accommodations and meals were great. It was obvious the care that your Executive Chef put into each meal. We appreciate his attention to providing [our son] with a healthy, nutritious diet.” – G.M. (father of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“After speaking with [the staff] during our review of Muir Wood, we came away with a high expectation that Muir Wood had the quality of care that we were looking for. That expectation was more than met based on our actual experience with the program.” – M.J. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“I like the personal, caring approach to care combined with knowing that the staff is extremely qualified to do what they do. This combination created for us a high level of confidence that [our son] would have the best possible shot at a successful long term recovery.” – T.J. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“The friendliness/knowledge/professional atmosphere were incredible! The cleanliness shocked me with the presence of 6 teens. I have 4 teens at home and the household never looks as well kept as Muir Wood!” – B.K. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“I never thought I would be taking my son to treatment for substance abuse at age 15. I was scared, and overwhelmed and knew he needed help and services here were lacking where I lived. From the moment I called Muir Wood, something inside of me told me this was the place to bring my son. I was impressed with the approach they took to dealing with teens with addiction issues. This treatment centre offers a wide range of approaches to treat the whole person and the family. The staff are amazing and the kids relate to them very well. Muir Wood is the gold standard, and I highly recommend them. If you’re struggling with your teen, I strongly encourage you to bring them here. My son has remarkably changed since his stay; he’s embracing a healthy lifestyle free of drugs, he’s easy to get along with, cleans up after himself, does chores willingly. I am so very pleased and relieved.” – L.L. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“Our experience has been wonderful. Thank you for all you have done for our family.” – P.V. (father of a Muir Wood alumnus)

“I can’t say enough about the academic component at Muir Wood. I really appreciated the individualized instruction, the thoroughness of the learning plan and communication with his home schoolteachers. I also felt connected receiving the weekly progress notes we received.” – T.T. (mother of a Muir Wood alumnus)