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Dual-Diagnosis Residential Treatment for Teen Boys

For teen boys who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders, residential treatment can be a life-changing experience. In our highly structured residential treatment program for boys, more time and attention is invested in improving the accuracy of assessments. This includes psychiatric evaluations and neuropsychological testing which can lead to improved treatment outcomes. The clinical team at Muir Wood’s residential treatment program uses the results of these assessments to develop treatment plans that best address each boy’s individual needs, ensuring effective treatment and the chances of a sustained recovery.

Because of the small number of teens admitted to Muir Wood, our residential treatment center for teen boys is highly individualized. This enables us to be extremely effective at treating not only substance use but also a wide array of underlying mental health issues that often accompany it. It is these co-occurring issues – such as anxiety, depression, trauma, ADHD, or poor self-esteem that often lead to substance use. Emotional instability can often manifest in teens self-medicating with alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, or other substances. In many cases, alcohol, illicit drugs, or prescription drugs’ long-term effects can be devastating. 

What We Treat

As a nationally recognized boys rehab program, Muir Wood treats a myriad of behavioral health concerns. We offer boys drug and alcohol rehab while addressing an array of other mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, aggressive behavior, self-worth issues, identity struggles, communication challenges, and more.

Innovative programs at Muir Wood include experiential therapy, which introduces various activities such as yoga, meditation, role-playing, arts, music, and craft-making. While these activities might seem like fun on the surface, these activities nurture emotional growth and encourage behavioral harmony. Experiential therapy is effective for troubled boys because it recognizes successes, helps teens cope with disappointment, fosters patience, and responds to key elements directly linked to self-awareness and self-esteem.  

We have an assemblage of different therapies that seek to nourish, and positively impact your teenage son in a variety of ways. Other therapies Muir Wood provides include, but are not limited to:

  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Healthy focus on fitness and nutrition
  • Medically assisted treatments
  • Psychological and medication management therapies
  • Psychotherapy
  • 12-Step programs

We also reinforce lessons and skills boys learn during therapy even after residential treatment is completed. For example, we introduce clients to AA for teens, which allows peers to meet and discuss challenges, celebrate milestones, and have an open dialogue in a safe, supportive environment with other teens.

What to Expect from Residential Treatment

From the moment you make that first contact with our admissions team, we begin to assess your—and your teen’s—current situation. You can expect to engage in dialogue about current struggles, and potential solutions, and be guided through the intake process. We also strongly encourage all parents and guardians to visit our campuses so that they can fully absorb the care and commitment invested in their teen’s mental well-being. Visiting our campuses allows parents to meet the Muir Wood clinical team, directors, doctors, and treatment staff as well as know exactly what to expect from residential treatment.

When your teen is admitted, you can anticipate him undergoing a comprehensive evaluation. He will also encounter a clean, organized, wholesome environment at a well-equipped and pristine campus. Our boys’ campuses are nestled among the stunning hills of Sonoma Valley, and Clovis California, and render a breathtaking view that encourages tranquility as well as mental wholeness. Your son can also expect to be treated to chef-prepared meals, sessions focused on physical fitness and plenty of recreational activity.

When is Residential Treatment Appropriate?

Behavioral issues in teen boys can often be difficult to diagnose at home without proper mental health experience and training. It can be incredibly distressing for both parents and their other children to stay supportive while addressing inappropriate or unacceptable behavior. Given this, parents often struggle with the decision to seek out residential treatment for teens.

If a parent’s efforts to assist their troubled teen consistently fail, exacerbating the situation, it’s time to seek alternative solutions. In cases where teenage boys are clearly in duress, this is a “perfect storm” in which residential treatment for boys is prescribed. If your teen is exhibiting hostility or lashing out with violence, this is another “red flag” that should prompt you to seek residential treatment immediately. Other symptoms such as aggressive defiance, odd and dangerous impulsivity, and unusual isolation and withdrawal, are also signs that residential treatment may be needed. Lastly, but most importantly, parents should seek residential therapy appropriately if their teenager has threatened or attempted suicide.

Why Choose Muir Wood’s Boys Residential Treatment Program

Unlike other boys’ residential rehab centers or schools for troubled teens, Muir Wood is a “safe haven”, surrounded by the serenity of nature, the structure needed for recovery, and attentive professionals who authentically care about your teen’s wellbeing. Our therapists have devoted themselves to crafting a personalized recovery process uniquely designed for your child. We take heed of your teen’s specific needs and respond to them with thoughtfully blended therapies, activities, and behavioral approaches.  

At Muir Wood, we offer family support so all members are supported and informed during the recovery process. We also provide innovative programs such as experiential therapies that work to bolster other therapies. In reality, recovery is rarely achieved with just one therapy. It takes the full spectrum of approaches to provide your teenager treatment that is both effective and successful over the long run. That is what we do.

See our Boys Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Campus in Petaluma, CA

See our Boys Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Campus in Clovis, CA

Why Parents Choose Muir Wood

Youth Residential Treatment FAQs

When should you seek residential treatment for your teen son?

If your teenager is exhibiting aggressive behavior and/or violence towards you, other family members, schoolmates, or himself – this is a clear indication that residential treatment should be sought for the safety and wellness of your teen and others. Additionally, if your teen is clearly suffering from the devastating effects of addiction such as alcoholism, or drug abuse, residential treatment is an appropriate and oftentimes life-saving option. Lastly, if you suspect your teenager is contemplating suicide, then residential treatment is a wise and responsible decision.

Why would a teen go into residential treatment?

Residential care is unique, in that it envelopes the teen so that he is the complete focus in therapy. Very often, struggling teens who are removed from an environment and placed into residential care go through a progressive blossoming. This is because residential treatment programs present an element of hope to troubled teens. When teens arrive at a place where nothing seems “fixable”, residential treatment provides structure, stability, hope, and resources for your teen to engage in their mental health treatment with confidence. What’s more, teens acquire valuable coping tools they can utilize when they return home.

How much does residential treatment cost?

Fortunately, Muir Wood makes residential treatment affordable and accessible. We are an in-network provider with Cigna, Kaiser, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Magellan, MHN, Halcyon, and Kaiser. Submit your insurance information here so that we can determine your benefits and provide you with a quote for the costs of treatment.

What should a teen bring to residential treatment?

Muir Wood provides the majority of items your teen will need while in treatment, including pillows, towels, and linens. We also provide essential toiletries such as shampoo, soap, and toothpaste. However, if your teen prefers a certain brand of basic hygiene products, he may bring non-alcohol-based products to residential treatment. Parents should make sure teens pack comfortable clothing, enough to last ten days. Muir Wood has laundry facilities, and parents can always bring additional clothing during visitation if necessary. Be sure your teen has supportive, comfortable shoes such as hiking boots or sneakers because teens will be active outdoors playing games of basketball, taking hikes, going horseback riding, etc. Teens in residential treatment at Muir Wood are also allowed to bring sentimental items such as photographs. Electronic devices such as laptops, iPads, cameras, or mobile phones are not permitted.

What is provided for academic support?

Muir Wood has an on-site Learning Center that operates year-round, Monday through Friday. The Learning Center provides multi-course, supplemental education that is provided by masters-level, state of California-credentialed multi-subject teachers. This helps to ensure that your teen will not fall behind in their academic studies while receiving treatment.

What are sleeping arrangements like?

Each teen is assigned a comfortable, spacious room that he will share with another teen, and sometimes two, in the program. Each room is equipped with separate beds, nightstands, dressers, and desks. There is plenty of storage and closet space. We want our teens to have a restful sleep, so all beds are comfortable, and all linens are of the highest quality.