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Watch Our Overview Videos of Our Teen Treatment Programs

At Muir Wood, we emphasize kindness and compassion over confrontation and understand the importance of providing exceptional care to teens and families.

An overview of the Muir Wood adolescent mental health and substance use treatment program.

An overview of the Muir Wood adolescent mental health and substance use treatment programs.


Learn more about Muir Wood’s integrated medical services including specialized, on-site adolescent psychiatry and nursing.

Learn more about Muir Wood academic programming.

The surprising and troubling truths about marijuana legalization.

Guest speaker: Ben Cort.

Remembering Jennifer Golick, Ph.D.

Tragically, on March 9, 2018, Muir Wood founding member Dr. Jennifer Golick and two colleagues, Jennifer Gonzales-Shushereba and Christine Loeber, were the victims of a mass shooting at The Pathway Home in Yountville, California by a former patient suffering from PTSD and mental illness. Dr. Golick was a beloved and dedicated clinician who helped develop the Muir Wood adolescent treatment program and whose exceptional talents and endless compassion helped hundreds of teens and families restore quality of life, relationship, health, and hope. During her tenure here, every member of the Muir Wood team, every patient family, and friends and colleagues across the country came to recognize Jennifer’s intellect, passion, and rare ability to connect deeply with young people to make lasting positive change. We choose to continue sharing Jennifer’s presentations below as we believe they are a part of her living legacy of caring.

Today’s marijuana: What you and your teen need to know.

Speaker: Jennifer Golick, Ph.D.

Teen substance abuse: Signs, symptoms, and what to do.

Speaker: Jennifer Golick, Ph.D.

Dr. Barbara Nova discusses evaluations and assessments.

Rawland Glass discusses Muir Wood’s Family Coaching Aftercare Program.