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Treating Teen Mental Health & Substance Use Disorders in Boys & Girls with Kindness & Compassion. Trusted by Parents & Professionals Alike Since 2013.

Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services is a residential treatment program designed specifically for teens ages 12-17 struggling with mental health and substance abuse conditions. We operate ten residential treatment facilities in Sonoma, California, accommodating a small, closely cared-for population of just 64 teens. Soon, we will expand these same services to Central California. In our safe, comfortable, and structured environments, our compassionate clinicians help teen boys and girls—treated separately— explore and process sensitive issues and learn to manage and overcome mental health and substance use disorders. The Muir Wood guiding philosophy emphasizes kindness and compassion over confrontation and control. We are in-network with leading insurers including Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, MHN, Halcyon, Kaiser Permanente, and Magellan, making our exceptional brand of teen treatment accessible to as many families as possible.

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A Behavioral Healthcare Center of Excellence

Adolescent mental health and substance use disorders are complicated conditions that affect every aspect of teen life and identity. Successfully treating these disorders requires comprehensive and coordinated care. Providing this level of care requires significant time, resources, and support. As front-line responders, Muir Wood clinicians are acutely aware of the multifaceted nature of adolescent mental health and substance use disorders and the complexity of the underlying factors that contribute to their development and perpetuation.

Nationally recognized as a leader in teen residential treatment, Muir Wood strives to be a center of excellence for the practice and advancement of adolescent mental healthcare. Our use of evidence-based practices, training of the next generation of specialized care providers, and our multidisciplinary treatment approach allow Muir Wood to provide exceptional care. Muir Wood is committed to making the highest level of care accessible to more families by being an in-network provider with most major insurances.

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Better Treatment Means Better Outcomes

Muir Wood uses outcome measurement tools that meet or exceed Joint Commission standards to ensure that our treatment produces positive health outcomes for clients and achieves a high level of parent and guardian satisfaction with the Muir Wood treatment experience. These outcome measures use 2019 – 2021 Muir Wood client data collected and analyzed by Trac9 Informatics. Trac 9 assists with Joint Commission accreditation requirements under standard CTS.03.01.09 and CARF accreditation requirements under the 2018 Behavioral Health Standards – Section M.2, M.4-5.

Data collected by Trac9, an independent outcome measurement provider, shows that Muir Wood treatment results in better treatment outcomes measures compared to the national average of treatment providers. Significant differences can be seen in numerous measures that suggest clients are better able to manage their conditions, feel better about themselves, and are experiencing less severe symptoms than before receiving treatment. This data represents reporting following 4 weeks of treatment at Muir Wood. Download Our Report.

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Advancing adolescent health

Successfully treating teen mental health and substance use issues requires a holistic approach that addresses the underlying causes of self-destructive behaviors. Only when these underlying issues are identified and treated can there be positive change and sustainable healing.

On a recent episode of the Gary Bisbee Show, Scott Sowle, Muir Wood Founder and CEO, discusses the current state of teen behavioral health, the origins of Muir Wood, and the nature of the Muir Wood teen treatment experience.

Associations & Affiliations

Girls Integrated Psychology at Muir Wood

Integrated psychiatry

Full-time psychiatry offers multiple advantages to patients. Muir Wood’s psychiatrists are able to dedicate significant time with each client to better assess problems and progress and to optimize the use of medications if necessary.

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UCSF practicum

Muir Wood is an accepted practicum program for medical students at the University of California, San Francisco. Here, interns are supervised by experienced psychiatrists, therapists, and nurses to gain crucial skills that make high-quality care available to more families.

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We work with parents, family members, and professionals every day to find appropriate mental healthcare for adolescents and teens. We know how scary and intimidating these conditions can be for families and our goal is to help families start to feel better by getting the care they need. It is our privilege to speak with you.

Warm Welcome from Scott and Kia
My goal for Muir Wood has always been to create a setting that promotes sustainable, life-long connections by providing teens and their parents an idyllic location coupled with caring, dedicated and highly qualified professionals who partner with families to find more effective ways to communicate and begin the process of healing.”
– Scott Sowle, Muir Wood Founder

17% of high school students reported in 2017 that they had thought seriously about attempting suicide

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

32% of all adolescents ages 13 to 18 will experience an anxiety disorder

National Institutes of Health

24% of teens report being bullied at school

US Dept. Justice

Common Teen Mental Health Challenges

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