Kia the therapy dog provides support for Muir Wood teens


The most comprehensive adolescent substance use and mental health treatment available

Muir Wood Adolescent & Family Services is a residential treatment program designed specifically for teens ages 12-17 suffering from mental health and substance abuse conditions. We operate two residential treatment campuses in Sonoma, California. In these safe, comfortable, and structured environments, our compassionate clinicians help teen teens explore and process sensitive issues and learn to manage mental health and substance use disorders. The Muir Wood milieu helps teens build strong peer relationships essential in early recovery, many of which blossom into enduring friendships. 

Making the highest-quality integrated treatment available to everyone

Muir Wood is among the highest-quality specialized teen treatment providers of its kind. The program fills a crucial need by making exceptional specialized adolescent mental healthcare available to the vast majority of families in need. Accredited by The Joint Commission, Muir Wood is an in-network provider for Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, and Kaiser, and is certified as a private school by California’s Department of Education. The program employs some of the most experienced licensed professionals in the nation and utilizes a wide array of evidence-based medical and clinical therapies. Our full-time psychiatrist and nursing team significantly increases the program’s ability to accurately assess client conditions, adapt treatment plans, and manage medications. 

While the term “teen rehab” is often used to describe programs like Muir Wood, we believe that the term “rehab” is dated and perpetuates negative connotations and stigma about the important and intensive integrated treatment that saves and improves the lives of teens. Muir Wood helps clients and loved ones navigate challenging mental health conditions, understand and process trauma and other underlying issues, and live successfully in an increasingly complex and alienating world. 

Our work is all about facilitating and guiding self-change, proactive health management, and personal growth. We do that through our experienced, licensed staff, which emphasizes kindness and compassion over confrontation and control. Our care program integrates adolescent psychiatry, nursing, multiple psychotherapies, experiential therapy, and private schooling to achieve positive outcomes. We create meaningful rapport and trust-based relationships with our clients to best understand and address their needs. And to help ensure ongoing progress, we connect clients to quality continuing-care providers and resources.

The role of families is central to the Muir Wood program, and family participation is highly encouraged and supported. Family education, counseling, and therapy are provided as part of the treatment program. 

Muir Wood is the culmination of Founder & CEO Scott Sowle’s personal and professional experiences. Scott worked closely for decades with mental health and substance abuse programs and became an advocate for the underserved. He saw the need for a program dedicated to teens and families in northern California, and in 2013 founded Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services.