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Teen Girls Dual-Diagnosis Residential Treatment


As a gender-separate treatment program, Muir Wood provides a safe environment for girls to explore sensitive underlying issues, without the distraction and potential for drama inherent in a mixed-gender setting. Many of the girls that come to Muir Wood struggle with issues related to body image, depression, teenage hormones, anxiety, attachment, and trauma. The female staff and gender-separate environment invites girls to explore issues they may not otherwise feel comfortable discussing in a mixed-gender setting, while also providing highly qualified role models who have been uniquely trained in this specialized residential treatment for girls. This transformational setting helps in the formation of healthy and supportive interactions with peers, which is essential in girls development.

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Recognizing that many young girls who enter programs for troubled teen girls have experienced trauma, the program at Muir Wood incorporates a trauma-informed approach. The highly qualified and experienced clinicians of the Muir Wood girls residential program have extensive training in the treatment of trauma. This includes our triple-board-certified psychiatrist who was trained at Harvard and was a Clinical Fellow in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and is certified in trauma informed therapy, along with the Clinical Director who is certified in EMDR, an evidence-based best practice intervention for the treatment of PTSD.

The programs for troubled teens at Muir Wood was designed to provide a unique setting for girls to heal. From the idyllic campuses, to the highly credentialed female staff and trauma-informed approach that specifically addresses the needs of the girls in our care, the individualized and comprehensive program truly sets the gold standard for adolescent treatment.

Our Residential Treatment Center For Girls

As a concerned parent or guardian, you have options to choose from when selecting residential treatment centers for teenage girls. When you explore Muir Wood, you will discover that we are have fully licensed and accredited programs. Additionally, we have a board-certified psychiatrist and a registered nurse on campus full time. While many residential treatment centers for girls have qualified staff, not every facility can offer the same high standards as Muir Wood.  

Our programs are tailored to provide structure and order, while still allowing our teens to enjoy themselves. We do this through adventure activities such as horseback riding or hiking. We also provide experiential activities such as art, crafts, and music therapies. Girls are provided with roomy living quarters with ample areas for storage and private baths. Moreover, we focus on “whole-body” recovery, providing nutrient-dense meals, and fitness programs at our residential treatment centers for teens.   

The Goal of Residential Treatment

Ultimately, the goal of residential treatment is to present a safe, nurturing environment that encourages teens to express themselves and learn how to face their challenges in ways that give them confidence. The purpose of residential treatment should also allow struggling young girls to understand their self-worth, and learn self-reliance. Additionally, treatment should develop awareness and growth in girls so that they may blossom in recovery today and into young adulthood.  

With our multifaceted approach, highly focused therapies, and a diverse range of behavioral health and recovery strategies, young girls are finally able to see hope for their futures. In some cases, this hope is revealed for the first time in many troubled girls’ lives. We’ve seen first-hand how our residential treatment has revolutionized young girls struggling with substance abuse, or moderate-to-severe mental health issues. We change young lives for the better so that our teens and their families can live full, satisfying, productive lives.

What We Treat

At Muir Wood girls residential treatment campuses, we provide solutions for a wide range of conditions. Our licensed, credentialed specialists are expertly trained to help teen girls recover from substance use disorders, as well as educate them about the short and long term effects of marijuana, prescription drugs, and/or alcohol. In addition to treating addictions, we also help teen girls overcome or manage a variety of mental health issues including trauma, depression, anxiety, personality and mood disorders, ADHD, suicidality, anger issues, and more.  

What to Expect at a Girls Residential Treatment Program

The moment you first contact our caring admissions team, we begin to assess your teen girl’s situation, and we attentively listen to your needs and expectations as a parent or guardian. You can expect to speak with our professional staff so that we may fully evaluate and understand the right treatment for your teen, as well as determine the kind of support you and your family needs during this challenging time. After determining the level of care required, we will guide you through the admissions process. Parents and guardians are also strongly urged to speak with our clinicians, doctors, therapists, administrators, and directors. This is hugely impactful when you havequestions or you want to know more about the team involved in your teen’s recovery.

Once your teen is admitted, our kind, caring team will conduct additional in-depth evaluations and assessments to truly get a clear view of her condition. From there, you can expect your teen to begin experiencing new activities, exposure to nature, and therapy sessions that are deeply transformative and effective for long-lasting recovery and healing.

When is Residential Treatment Appropriate?

It goes without saying that every teenage girl is different. Every family system and environment varies too. Given this, behavioral issues can be tricky to assess without extensive training in mental health diagnosis and treatment. Regardless, many parents opt for do-it-yourself solutions to help their teen manage the unique and often daunting challenges that go hand-in-hand with being a young female. Many parents are often overwhelmed by independent attempts to help their teen. They may also feel defeated, as their efforts do not seem to be making a positive difference in their child’s life. In the worst case scenario, parents who go it on their own may inadvertently make the problems worse.

In addition to using substances, teen girls who are violent toward family members, schoolmates, or other people is a clear indication that residential treatment should be explored. This solution is extremely effective at helping teens learn better coping techniques instead of using aggression or violence at home or in school.

If your teen is exhibiting signs of self-harm, residential treatment is certainly a viable and appropriate choice. Moreover, if you sense or have evidence your teen is contemplating suicide, then immediate attention is needed, and residential treatment can be a life-saving decision you can make for your teen.  

Our Mission and Purpose at Muir Wood

The founder of Muir Wood, Scott Sowle, has always had a vision to provide troubled teens with the care, treatment and help they need to live long, fulfilling lives. His vision continues to evolve, but the emphasis on compassion and kindness remains the cornerstone of all treatment provided to our clients. Our mission and purpose at Muir Wood is simple. We are ever striving to be of service. Our goal is to be a catalyst for positive and lasting change. We aim to positively impact the future by uplifting our youth so they may live better, healthier lives.

Why Choose Our Residential Treatment Center For Teenage Girls

From our founder to our therapists, we are all invested in providing comprehensive care for your teen. Moreover, we are committed to supporting your family during this transitional time. That’s why we provide ongoing support during residential treatment for family members. We also provide direction for care long after our clients leave our residential treatment program.

Our campus grounds are situated on sensationally beautiful lands across California that are both inviting and healing for our teens. We also provide much-needed structure, order and routine that are all critical for building the scaffolding for long-term recovery. At Muir Wood, we believe in whole-body healing. We look after every teen’s physical fitness, and provide fun activities that are great for the body such as hiking, horseback riding and other engaging outdoor events. We also provide your child with nutrient-dense, chef-prepared meals that help heal the body from within, while still tasting great! Because we are 100% focused on the whole essence of your teen, as well as keenly attentive to all facets of your child’s wellbeing, Muir Wood is the clear choice for safe, effective, long-term recovery.

Why Parents Choose Muir Wood

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When is residential treatment appropriate for your teen daughter?

Every situation is different for teens struggling with their identity, substance use disorders, depression, or any behavioral health issue. However, there are distinct situations in which treatment is not only warranted, it may be life-saving. If your teen’s battle with substance use disorder is worsening and there may be a threat of long-term physical or mental damage, this is an ideal time to consider residential treatment. Additionally, if your teen exhibits signs of, or talks about suicide, this is also a compelling time to seek treatment for her. Any expressions of violence toward herself, the family or peers is also an indicator that residential treatment should be explored.

Are teen residential treatment programs good for teen girls?

The gender-specific programs Muir Wood provides a safe, effective environment for teen girls. We have the opportunity to work directly with your teen, devoting time for therapy, sharing, learning, activities and more – all focused to encourage balance, self-confidence and independence in your child.  

Our residential treatment programs are good for teen girls because we provide a non-threatening, engaging, encouraging environment where she is able to express herself freely. Moreover, our limited, small groups make for a safe place to learn and grow as well as form strong relationships that last a lifetime.  

How much does residential treatment cost?

With Muir Wood, we believe in providing  you and your teen girl with accessible treatment and affordable options. To that end, we are an in-network provider with Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna, Cigna, Halcyon, Magellan, MHN, and Kaiser so you can offset the overall cost of residential treatment. You can have us verify your coverage here.

What should my teen bring to residential treatment?

We provide essentials such as towels, pillows, and high-quality linens. Additionally, we make sure every teen has sufficient hygiene supplies such as soap, shampoo, and toothpaste. If your teen has skin sensitivities, or needs specific toiletries such as special face cleansers, she is welcome to pack those for her stay at Muir Wood as long as they do not contain alcohol.

Please pack comfortable clothes for at least 10 days. In addition, be sure your teen packs comfortable shoes that will be functional and supportive during excursions such as hiking in the hills or going to invigorating workout sessions. 

Teens are encouraged to bring items that hold strong sentimental value, such as photographs, a small stuffed animal, or a small memento that might be meaningful to her. However, as with most residential treatment centers, electronics are not allowed. Wireless devices, cell phones, laptops, cameras, and tablets are not allowed.

What is offered for academic support?

One of the worst things a teen could encounter upon returning home from treatment is a mountain of schoolwork waiting for her, or being penalized for non-attendance at school. To avoid all fo that, we have established Learning Centers at our campuses that allow your child to keep up with schoolwork while in residential treatment. Our Learning Centers operate Monday through Friday, and teens are encouraged to utilize all of our supplies and equipment in order to perform schoolwork in a timely manner. We also have multi-course, teachers who have a masters-level education and are credentialed by the state of California.

What are sleeping arrangements like for girls?

At Muir Wood, we want your teen to have a “home away from home” experience. Our campuses are located on acres of rolling hills, with grandiose views and rejuvenating sunsets. Two teens (and sometimes three) share a roomy bedroom that is equipped with beds and dressers. Rooms are also tastefully decorated and furnished with pleasing pieces such as wardrobes, nightstands, and desks. Each room has closets and plenty of room for storage along with bedding and linens of the highest quality.