Scott Sowle greeting a Muir Wood Family

A Message from Muir Wood’s Founder

An introduction to Muir Wood by Scott Sowle, Founder and CEO

In Muir Wood, my hope was to create a place of hope and healing where teens and their parents could find a common voice. I envisioned a uniquely special place where teens could rediscover their passions free from mental health issues, drugs, and alcohol, and reunite with their families. I have spent my entire professional career, spanning some 30+ years, working specifically with teens and families suffering from substance abuse and co-occurring mental health issues. I’ve been blessed in my career to work alongside thought leaders and pioneers who’ve provided me with the insight, humility, and wherewithal to develop a program that is unmatched in its pursuit of excellence.

Muir Wood is an exceptional program. It is considered by many a gold standard in the treatment of adolescent mental health issues and substance use disorders. The clinical program and treatment team are without compromise. Key elements identified by the American Medical Association, American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry, and the American Society of Addiction Medicine were all considered in the development of the clinical program at Muir Wood. These include a gender-specific and gender-separate treatment setting, a comprehensive weekly family program, a highly credentialed and board-certified staff, a comprehensive and integrated treatment approach, a developmentally appropriate program designed for teens 12-17, an engaging program that seeks to retain teens in treatment, comprehensive psychological testing, a highly individualized program with limited enrollment, and a uniquely beautiful treatment setting emphasizing kindness and respect over confrontation and control.

I want to assure you there is hope. Teens and families do heal and we see it every day. Kathy Ketcham, the best-selling author of Teens Under the Influence, a mother, and an expert on adolescent substance abuse treatment, called Muir Wood “… a place of light and hope where kindness, trust, and respect are established as the keystones of life-long recovery. I only wish every teen had the opportunity to go to Muir Wood, knowing how much love and compassion your staff has for youth and their families, and watching the miracle of broken lives become whole again”.

I would agree with Kathy and hope you take a few moments to look through our informative website. Muir Wood is truly set apart from other adolescent programs and our staff is committed to helping your whole family. Please feel free to contact me at if I can be of help to your family.


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Scott Sowle, Founder & CEO