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Gender Identity & Dysphoria in Teens

Gender dysphoria in teens has become a hotly charged topic in recent years, with no apparent sign of simmering in urgency anytime soon.  In fact, Republican legislators have begun to […]

Teen Rehab and Marijuana Use

Teen Rehab for Marijuana Use Disorder This article presents some of the factors associated with teen marijuana use that appear to be driving more and more adolescents into teen treatment […]

Understanding Teen Hormones

If you have a teenager going through puberty, you probably understand what the word “tumultuous” really means. Having an adolescent going through puberty isn’t an easy task but neither is […]

Teaching Self-Esteem to Your Teen

In the eyes of a parent, a child might be physically beautiful, emotionally generous and intensely intelligent. When that child looks in the mirror, however, the teen might see only […]

A Teen’s Developing Brain

Sometimes teenagers can seem like different beings altogether. Some might say they’re over-reactive, dramatic, and impulsive. Is that true? Well, yes and no. It is true that teenagers and adolescents […]

What to Do About Teen Bullying

In order to understand how to handle bullying that your son may be experiencing, it is important to understand exactly what bullying is. The media attention on bullying in recent […]

Setting Goals for the Future

When you embark on a comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation program for your substance-abusing teen, you are opening the door to a path that offers him the opportunity to […]

Preparing Your Teen for College

Getting a teenager ready to go to college can be a stressful experience for parents, especially if the teen is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Parents who have high […]

The Important Role of a Sober Escort

A sober escort facilitates safe transition between home and treatment environments. A teenager’s journey from addiction to recovery presents a lot of obstacles. Some of the greatest hurdles arise on […]

Selecting a Family Mediator

When you prepare to stage an intervention for your substance-abusing teen to make it clear that the last line in the sand has been crossed and it’s now time to […]

Butane Honey Oil

Butane honey oil is a potent extract of cannabis that can produce an intense rush, even in long-time marijuana users. Also known as “BHO,” “hash oil,” “dabs,” “errl” or “wax,” […]

What to Expect at Rehab

Learn what to expect at rehab. In a study published in the journal Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, researchers found that of adolescents who entered hospitals due to substance […]

Residential Rehab Centers

Residential rehab centers provide safe, positive enironments and comprehensive evidence-based care. Parents work hard to provide a loving, safe and supportive home for their children, filled with all the things […]

Paying for Treatment

Paying for treatment can sometimes be a concern for families. As an in-network provider with Anthen, Aetna, Cigna, and Kaiser, Muir Wood is making high-quality care more affordable for familes. […]