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NIDA Offers Teen Substance Abuse Info via Mobile App

There’s an app for that! Courtesy of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), an app is now available to anyone interested in finding out more about the use of illicit substances of all kinds as well as their effects and how abuse of these drugs—and addiction—can be life-changing. You can also get a number of other drug abuse and addiction resources via the NIDA in a Spanish language version.

Get the Information You Need to Know about Teen Drug Abuse

The NIDA app is one of many resources available to families in need of answers. A number of reputable sources online (e.g., government sites, university sites, scientific journals) offer a range of answers to common questions about:

  • The effect of different drugs, including alcohol, on the brain
  • The damage done to a teen’s emotional and cognitive development due to substance abuse
  • Types of drugs commonly abused by teens
  • Statistics, including number of emergency room visits caused by teen drug abuse, DUIs and traffic deaths among teens caused by alcohol, and rates of teen drug abuse in different areas of the country
  • Slang terms used by teens to talk about different drugs of abuse

Finding the Right Teen Drug Rehab

Parents can also find a number of resources online that will provide information on what to look for in effective teen drug addiction treatment. Because teens are dealing with different day-to-day and developmental issues, they are affected by drugs of abuse differently as compared to adults. Therefore, the addiction treatment program that will be most effective for their needs is not a program that is designed for adults. Rather, a teen-specific addiction treatment program should offer a range of therapeutic interventions and treatment structures created to meet the needs of a teen dealing with peer pressure, family issues like divorce, academic pressure, and hormone-related issues like depression and self-esteem issues.

At a teen drug rehab like Muir Wood, residents can benefit from:

  • Active parental involvement
  • Positive peer support
  • Academic support and growth during the treatment program
  • Therapies that are evidence-based and proven to be effective for teens like animal-assisted therapy, outdoors and adventure therapy, hands-on experiential treatment, and more
  • Long-term support in aftercare

Do You Need Answers?

If you’re concerned that your son is abusing drugs or alcohol and you need more information about how best to address the situation proactively, we can help you here at Muir Wood. Contact us today to learn more about our unique, teen-centric rehabilitation program for boys struggling with substance abuse.