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Teen Rehab: An Overview of Our Treatment Program

Teen Rehab: A First Step

By simply taking this first step to learn about our teen treatment programs you are doing exactly the right thing at exactly the right time. In fact, the time to act is Now. Research conducted at the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University showed that 90% of adults with substance use disorders began using drugs and/or alcohol prior to their eighteenth birthday. What’s more, most mental health issues begin to manifest themselves by the age of 14. The time to intervene is now, before a teenage substance use or mental health disorder becomes a debilitating adult affliction.

What Teen Rehab Is And Is Not

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For most of us, the term rehab connotes rehabilitation from drug and/or alcohol use. In reality, substance use, in adults and teens, is considered by many to be a symptom of deep, underlying emotional and mental health issues that oftentimes include major depression, extreme anxiety, childhood trauma, bullying, guilt, shame and a whole host of other mental health issues. To be clear, Muir Wood treats substance use but we also treat substance abuse that co-occurs with mental health issues, and we treat stand-alone mental health issues without the presence of substance use. These form our three distinct programs.

In the context of co-occurring disorders, we’ve come to understand that teen rehab really involves a battery of treatment designed to delve into the root issues precipitating teen substance use while providing the counseling, insight, self-awareness, teaching, and tools needed to cope with and rise above those underlying mental health issues. Once that is achieved, we can focus on creating an understanding of substance use, why it came about, how to walk away from it, how to study one’s self when it threatens to return, and how to deal with it quickly and effectively if it does.

What Every Parent Should Insist Upon When Choosing a Teen Rehab

Family Involvement In Teen Rehab

Family involvement in any teen rehab program is critical. At Muir Wood it is a prerequisite. In fact, we believe that success in treatment is virtually unattainable without the close cooperation of the teen’s entire immediate family. Why is that? Addiction is a family disease. What your child is going through is being experienced by your entire family, and your entire “family system” is likely in disarray right now.

To fully understand the effects that your child’s emotional upheaval and substance misuse are having on your family and, likewise, to understand the effects that the family is having on your son’s or daughter’s substance use and emotional struggles, we have designed a program that brings the family into the treatment picture by way of weekly individual therapy sessions with a licensed therapist. On average, you can expect to spend 6-10 hours each week involved with your child’s treatment at Muir Wood. This close collaboration with the family, we believe, is critical to your teen’s success.

A Teen Rehab Treatment Team That Understands Teen Issues

It is not enough for a teen treatment program to be expert in mental health, substance use, and addiction. They must be authorities on teen mental health, teen substance misuse, and teen addiction. The leadership team at Muir Wood, from our CEO to our Chair of Addiction Medicine, are all noted experts in the fields of adolescent mental health and substance use disorder.

The nature of teen rehab requires highly specific knowledge, expertise, and experience in treating teens. At Muir Wood, we recruit and hire only the best and the brightest from the fields of adolescent mental health and substance use treatment. Learn more about our highly credentialed teen rehab medical and clinical teams’ staff.

Comprehensive Psychological Testing and Assessments by Licensed Clinical Professionals

Psychological testing and assessments, when considered necessary to your teen’s treatment, and when performed expertly, can serve as an integral component to teen rehab success. This is why Muir Wood offers parents the option of having comprehensive psychological assessments and tests performed by leading Neuropsychologists.

At Muir Wood, our clinicians use comprehensive psychological testing as a means of:

  • Developing highly customized treatment plans and coping strategies
  • Identifying work to be done on your teen’s interpersonal skills that can contribute to long-term recovery
  • Developing a medication strategy, only if medication is deemed necessary

We employ a battery of more than 20 different, multi-faceted industry-standard tests to assess the functional ability of each teen and to optimize his or her time in treatment in order to help ensure long-term treatment success after discharge from teen rehab.

Learn more about psychological testing and assessments here.

Treating Dual-Diagnosis

The term dual-diagnosis refers to two or more illnesses occurring concurrently. In the context of teen rehab, dual-diagnosis often refers to substance use or addiction to drugs or alcohol occurring alongside mental illnesses that may include teen depression, teen anxiety, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), teen trauma or PTSD, as well as mood and personality disorders in teens. Research shows that teens struggling with mental illness are far more likely to abuse substances.

In many of the cases that we see here at Muir Wood, teen substance use is precipitated by underlying mental illness. That is not to say the opposite cannot occur. And because teen substance use and mental illness tend to fuel each other, it is imperative that they be treated at the same time.
At Muir Wood, our clinical staff is highly trained and experienced in treating teen mental health disorders and are committed to instilling in teens the skills needed to cope with the negative feelings associated with mental illness in order to effectively treat the co-occurring disorders.

Medication Management

Many of the teens that we treat for dual-diagnosis in our teen rehab program have been prescribed medications to help them manage common mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression. For these teens, Muir Wood offers medication management services so that you can rest assured that your teen will receive the appropriate medications that they have been prescribed in the proper dosage and at the correct time.

Academic Excellence: A Core Component of Teen Rehab at Muir Wood

It is our belief that successful teen treatment should never come at the expense of academic achievement. Academic excellence is promoted by way of the Muir Wood Learning Center, a supplemental education program for grades 7 to 12 recognized by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). The curriculum provides classroom assistance in a highly individualized manner based on each teen’s academic strengths, weaknesses, and interests.

Collaboration with your child’s school back home is critical to his Muir Wood classroom progress and success and, to that end, close contact is maintained with his home school. While he or she is in our teen rehab center, we will obtain and submit your teen’s assignments on a weekly basis via fax or email to ensure that he or she is keeping pace with peers back home. The main objective of the Muir Wood Learning Center is to maintain classroom continuity in order to create a seamless, stress-free transition back to the teen’s home classroom following discharge from treatment.

A Small Client-to-Clinician Ratio is Critical to Success

We are able to maintain a low teen client-to-clinician ratio. This ensures that your child receives the focused attention that he or she deserves and that our clinicians are able to gain and leverage in-depth, intimate knowledge of your teen and your family. We believe that remaining committed to a small ratio of clients to clinicians ensures that we are delivering the most focused, individualized, and effective treatment possible for your teen.

An Environment That Promotes Progress and Healing

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Our 16 idyllic campuses are among the nicest you’ll find anywhere in the country. Like the properties they sit on, the interiors are wide open yet warm and embracing. Decorating is professionally done, colors are quiet and comforting, and all furnishings, from sofas to beds, are meticulously selected for comfort while complying with treatment center standards. Our goal is to create a home away from home where teens can feel relaxed, emotionally open, and very much at home. 

A Focus on Outcomes

It is imperative that we at Muir Wood know how we are performing in the enormously important and sensitive work we are doing. To gain this understanding, we monitor the progress and outcomes of every teen who goes through our teen treatment program. Muir Wood makes use of nationally-recognized, empirically validated outcome measurement instruments. By monitoring treatment outcomes, we are able to make program tweaks and adjustments when necessary that enable us to deliver the very best teen treatment possible.

Accessibility to the Staff

When your teen is in treatment at Muir Wood, you will have access to your teen’s treatment team. You will be provided with numbers and emails that can be used outside of normal business hours for urgent matters.

Parental Approval of Muir Wood Teen Rehab

The words of the parents of our alumni speak volumes about the success of our teen rehab program. When these families found themselves in crisis and needed the very best help available today, they chose Muir Wood. More importantly, they continue to lend their voices to the good and important work we do so that others in their former position can find the best help for their children. These are real parents with real stories of the life-changing transformations their children underwent at Muir Wood. Here are just a few…

“I can tell you from my personal experience the staff at Muir Wood (Teen Rehab) saved my family. My son was battling addiction and that battle was destroying him and us. It is my most sincere belief that only due to the extraordinary skill of the staff at Muir Wood is my family intact today.”
– D.B. (father of a Muir Wood Alumnus)

“As a result of Muir Wood, our son graduated from high school and received the highest semester grade point average from his school, applied to and was accepted to a University, was able to work as a youth counselor at a summer camp this past summer, and now has a chance for a productive and rewarding future, that we believe did not exist just a year ago.”
– E.A. (father of a Muir Wood Teen Rehab Alumnus)

“My fifteen-year-old son was in a downward spiral of addiction and depression that almost annihilated him and devastated our family. Muir Wood saved my son’s life and began the healing process for our family. The entire staff at Muir Wood demonstrated incredible compassion, integrity and responsive expertise during his stay there and after discharge.”
– E.G. (mother of a Muir Wood Alumnus)

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