Teen boys boxing in Muir Woods gym

Fitness & Nutrition

The positive effects of physical activity and exercise on the mind are well documented. At Muir Wood, we believe that fundamentally changing attitudes and behaviors in teens should involve changes to physical routines. To that end, all of the teens residing at Muir Wood are offered the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of physical exercise.

Balanced nutrition is also extremely important as your son’s or daughter’s body and brain repair from the effects of substance use and mental health issues. Our in-house chef prepares fresh, nutrient-packed meals each day that the teens enjoy together.

In addition to providing a diet that optimizes recovery and good overall health, our goal is to help teens change their relationship with food, so they begin to value food as a source of nutrition and energy. To this end, teens in our care help maintain an organic on-site garden, a source of ingredients in many meals.