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Teen Rehab and Marijuana Use

Teen Rehab for Marijuana Use Disorder This article presents some of the factors associated with teen marijuana use that appear to be driving more and more adolescents into teen treatment […]

Alcohol Rehab Statistics

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused drugs among males and females between the ages of 12 and 20, and when teenagers consume alcohol, they often drink to get […]

Getting Help for a Teen Heroin Addict

Heroin was available over the counter and used to treat myriad conditions in both adults and children in the United States, according to Narconon, an organization that provides self-help 12-step […]

Teen Marijuana Use Statistics

Marijuana can be a complicated subject. While marijuana is still classified as a Schedule I controlled substance and illegal according to the federal government, some states have legalized the use […]

Synthetic Marijuana Overdose

Synthetic marijuana has been around since the early 2000s, but the number of people abusing it has increased significantly in the past few years. The drug is growing in popularity […]

Northern California’s Marijuana Problem

Ever since California legalized medical marijuana, there have been plenty of problems and confusing “gray areas” surrounding what constitutes legal and illegal marijuana use and marijuana growth throughout the state. […]

How Addictive is Marijuana?

“Marijuana is not addictive.” It’s a statement repeated by drug dealers, blog writers, dedicated smokers and neophyte users. While it would be wonderful if this statement were true, science suggests […]