group of teenage girls at a treatment program

The Role of Professional Referents at Muir Wood

Support and Involvement of Professional Referents in Our Treatment Programs

Muir Wood invites referents to be involved as active collaborators, from admission through treatment. Upon admission, our treatment team reaches out (with parental consent) directly to referents, welcoming them to Muir Wood, thanking them for the referral, and inquiring about their desired level of involvement in the treatment process.

We welcome referents’ active involvement in the treatment process, to the extent that they desire. We also understand that professional referents may be extremely busy and that weekly or monthly involvement may be limited. In consideration of this, involvement with the treatment team and ongoing communications with referents can take a variety of forms. On the Referent Communication Worksheet, referents can opt to receive weekly calls from the clinical director, psychiatrist, primary therapist, or executive director; participate in weekly treatment planning via Zoom or over the phone when the team discusses their client; receive weekly treatment team notes via email from the primary therapist, receive the discharge summary, or any and all of that.

Muir Wood’s comprehensive treatment approach combines group therapy with many other therapeutic and experiential modalities. Programs are rooted in evidence supporting gender-specific residential adolescent treatment and our guiding philosophy emphasizes kindness and respect over confrontation or control. We create conditions that allow adolescent teens to feel valued and engaged. We understand the unique developmental needs of teens approaching young adulthood. We meet, and journey with them, in stable and predictable home-like environments where they learn to express themselves in more adaptive and constructive ways. We invite and encourage our professional referents to join us in that journey.

We feel honored to do this work and look forward to working collaboratively with referents and families to best achieve positive and long-lasting outcomes. Please feel free to call us directly at 866-705-0828 if you would like to schedule a visit to meet with the Muir Wood treatment team. You can also contact one of our Outreach team members.