Muir Wood therapist, David Laing

The Important Role of a Sober Escort

A sober escort facilitates safe transition between home and treatment environments.

A teenager’s journey from addiction to recovery presents a lot of obstacles. Some of the greatest hurdles arise on the path to or from treatment. At these transitional times, unsupervised teens have the time and opportunity to fall back into their destructive habits. Even if they’re accompanied by a parent or guardian, addicted teens are extremely vulnerable when they’re being transported from home to a treatment center, clinic or hospital.

Sober escorts play a pivotal role in the recovery process by helping teens get where they need to go to find hope and healing. Once you’ve made the commitment to get lifesaving help for your child, a sober escort can make sure that this promise is fulfilled.

What Is a Sober Escort’s Role?

A sober escort is a trained professional who shares your commitment to giving your teen a fresh start in life. The escort fulfills a number of functions in the process of your child’s recovery:

  • Providing supervision and security as your teen travels to a rehab center
  • Offering moral support as your teenager prepares for recovery
  • Encouraging unwilling teens to take this crucial step
  • Attending meetings or group sessions with your teen in the initial phase of treatment
  • Acting as a positive role model for a drug-free life

For teens who are admitted to rehab involuntarily, the sober escort can act as a guardian, keeping the recovery plans on track. At this stage, unwilling teens may be extremely angry and resentful. They may be aggressive, restless or agitated, especially if they’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Sober escorts are trained to deal with young people who may be angry — even violent — in a safe, compassionate manner.

A sober escort can pick up your teenager at home or at another location of your choice, transport him to the airport, and accompany him to the rehab center. A sober escort can even attend an initial 12-step meeting or therapy session at the treatment facility to provide emotional support during this vulnerable period. Some escorts provide additional support services, such as intervention counseling, mentoring and coaching.

After treatment, sober escorts play an equally critical role. Relapse, or the return to substance abuse after a period of abstinence, is one of the defining symptoms of addiction. Graduating from rehab is no guarantee that a teen will stay sober for the rest of his life. In fact, according to Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, up to 80 percent, or four-fifths, of adolescents relapse during the six months following addiction treatment. A sober escort can accompany your teen from the rehab facility to home or to a transitional living center, then act as a point of contact and a source of support in the months that follow.

How Can I Find a Sober Escort?

The addiction treatment community is becoming aware of the importance of sober escorts in the healing process. The top treatment facilities now offer sober escort services to incoming and graduating clients. With a sober escort for your teenager, you can feel assured that your son will have the support and supervision he needs to get through the tough transitions of recovery.

What should you look for when you’re searching for a qualified sober escort? An escort should meet the following conditions:

  • He should have a proven commitment to a drug-free lifestyle.
  • He should pass a background check.
  • He should be trained and/or certified in his profession.
  • He should meet high standards of professional and ethical conduct.

At Muir Wood, we offer not only direct care for adolescent boys who are struggling with substance abuse, but intervention counseling, sober escorts, family education and other support services that facilitate long-term sobriety. Call us to find out more about how we can help you through every step of your son’s recovery.