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Muir Wood Outcomes

Muir Wood teen in purple shirt happy with outcomeAt Muir Wood, we consistently monitor the outcomes of the teens and families in our program to help ensure that we are providing the most effective treatment possible. To this end, our treatment team administers a number of well-regarded, empirically validated, outcome measurement instruments such as the Adolescent Relapse Coping Questionnaire (ARCQ), the Kutcher Depression Inventory (specifically for adolescents), and the Response to Stress Questionnaire (specifically for parents and teens). These are typically administered at admission and at discharge. Data from these measurements demonstrate the effectiveness of the Muir Wood program and are regularly reviewed by our Medical Quality Assurance Committee, which meets quarterly and is led by David Smith, MD, FASAM, FAACT.

Muir Wood also administers a comprehensive Parent Survey at the time of discharge that asks parents to rate every aspect of the program from the effectiveness of treatment at Muir Wood to their satisfaction with the food and accommodations. Lastly, unlike any other program, Muir Wood provides parents with a licensed therapist who meets with them via Skype on a weekly basis for 3 months following their teen’s discharge from the program. This three-month contact with parents following their son’s residential treatment also allows Muir Wood to aggregate a number of important data sets and outcome measures.

The data provided below is a sample of outcomes gathered from the above mentioned outcome measurement instruments, parent surveys, and parent interaction with licensed therapists post discharge.

Data from Parent Surveys

Outcome 96 percent of Muir Wood teens complete the programWhat This Means: This graph illustrates that nearly all teens who admit to Muir Wood successfully complete the residential treatment program.

Why This is Important: Many teens enter a residential treatment program unwillingly. Also, treatment programs by definition are not locked settings. This demonstrates the effectiveness to retain teens in treatment voluntarily and speaks volumes about the high staff-to-client ratio, caring and compassionate setting, and effectiveness of treatment at Muir Wood.

Outcome 73% of Muir Wood teens go to collegeWhat This Means: This graph illustrates that 73% of boys that have attended Muir Wood, and who are now at an appropriate age to enter college, have enrolled and been accepted into college. Of these, 69% have gone on to a four-year college or university and 31% to a two-year community college.

Why This is Important: This anecdotally illustrates that the boys who discharge from Muir Wood are both academically stable and focused sufficiently to enter college.

Outcome 90% of Muir Wood teens return home after dischargeWhat This Means: This graph illustrates that 90% of all the boys who admit to Muir Wood will return to live with their family upon discharge.

Why This is Important: At Muir Wood, family involvement is essential. The overarching goal in working with teens and families at Muir Wood is sustained healing of the family system. As a result, it is our hope that with an evolved family system teens can return home following their residential stay.

Outcome 93% Net Promoter ScoreWhat is Net Promoter Score: Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a customer loyalty metric. In short, it measures how loyal customers are to a brand and if they would “refer a friend or family member.”


Why This is Important: Muir Wood has a NPS of 85.41%, which is by far one of the highest NPS scores in any industry (see the bar graph at right which highlights companies with the highest NPS scores in their specific industry). We are extremely proud that parents would overwhelmingly refer Muir Wood to their friends and family members.

Outcomes of Muir Wood Parents Survey

The data from the graph at left is taken directly from our Parent Surveys, which are completed at the time their sons’ are discharged from the program. This sampling illustrates Muir Wood’s commitment to excellence.