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Teen Boys, Eating Disorders and Drug Dependence

increasingly more common for young men to suffer from this disease as well. Research indicates that this may be due to any number of issues – or combination thereof – including:

  • Increased pressure to perform in sports
  • An increased amount of media images celebrating a specific male body image

Additionally, boys struggle with the same self-esteem issues that plague young women in high school. Feeling small or fat can cause them to think that if they could just alter their body type, they would be able to get the girl, get the guy, make the team, or impress their friends – or enemies.

If an eating disorder is a problem for your son, don’t wait to get help. Often, drug abuse is a part of the issue as well. In fact, many boys abuse steroids to bulk up or stimulant drugs to lose weight. Call us at Muir Wood today to learn more about how we can help you intervene.

Bryan’s Story

Bryan Piperno is a Los Angeles youth who began his battle with anorexia at the age of 9. Bryan recently shared his story with the Los Angeles Times, admitting that even after being hospitalized, he would not seek help. Exercising purging anorexia (which is a form of anorexia by which the patient maintains an unhealthy weight by refusing, hiding or purging food as well as over-exercising) was a form of controlling his surroundings and emotionally dealing with his environment. With family issues, problems at school, and violence a common occurrence in his neighborhood as well as the difficulties that come with being gay in America, he felt it was the only thing in his life that he could control.

Bryan’s story is not an unusual one. Many boys feel that their life is happening to them, not that they are making their life happen – and they’re often unhappy with the results. Unfortunately, eating disorders in teen boys are often more difficult for doctors to recognize and missed by parents as well because few identify the issue as a possibility. For this reason, it very often takes years for young men to get the treatment they need to heal.

Helping Your Son Fight Eating Disorders

Often, a parent’s first clue that their son is struggling with an eating disorder comes when he confesses his reason for using certain substances. Crystal meth, Adderall and cocaine are often used by boys who want a metabolism boost to lose weight. Steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs are often used by boys who want to increase their sports ability.

If either issue is a problem for your son, contact us at Muir Wood now. We offer a teen-focused program just for boys that focuses on the issues that your son faces every day. Call now to get started.