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Disordered Eating Treatment for Teens

Few male teenagers with eating disorders feel comfortable discussing the issue openly. They might mistakenly believe that only girls can develop unhealthy opinions about food, so their thoughts and feelings about their own bodies can seem shameful and worth hiding at all costs. It’s a complicated problem, but it could be at the root of the way a child behaves when food is involved. 

Some eating disorders are accompanied by substance abuse. Teens might take typical drugs of addiction, including prescription painkillers or marijuana, in the hopes of calming their nerves and forgetting about the urge to eat. These drugs can make teens feel better in the moment, but again, they can reduce a teen’s ability to control behavior, making disordered acts regarding food and calories all the more likely.

The use of steroids among adolescent teens is on the rise in some parts of the country, and eating disorders might be to blame. They can also fill teens with feelings of rage and anger, making a sense of isolation even more extreme.

We provide clients with science-based therapies that have been proven effective in enhancing body image. Our private counseling sessions enable adolescent teens to openly discuss their concerns, while our group courses can help them to develop new coping skills. We also provide adventure therapies that can help teens with eating disorders to revel in what their bodies can do, not what their bodies look like to outsiders.