exterior of Sillman South campus

Boys Dual-Diagnosis Residential Treatment in Petaluma, CA

Boys Dual-Diagnosis Campuses in Northern California

Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services has four boys residential dual-diagnosis campuses in Petaluma, California. Just 30 miles north of San Francisco, our boys dual-diagnosis program encompasses over 70 acres, allowing ample space for individual and group therapy, a learning program recognized by The West Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), and outdoor activities. The campuses include soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball courts, and the Jennifer Golick Family Learning Center used for music therapy, yoga, meditation, and other experiential therapies.

Skillman North Campus

Established in 2013, our Skillman North boys dual-diagnosis campus spans six acres of private farmland and was the very first Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services campus and offers exceptional specialized and integrated adolescent mental health and substance abuse treatment. This sprawling country farmhouse is the ideal place for boys to explore and process sensitive issues, build strong peer relationships, and maintain a focus on education and recovery. The on-campus Muir Wood Learning Center provides boys with the tools and guidance to maintain continuity with their home schools. All treatment in this program takes place here at Skillman North and the other three campuses provide comfortable quarters for meals, relaxation, and rest.

Skillman South Campus

Part of our Skillman Program and located on the same six acres of Sonoma County farmland as Skillman North, Skillman South is a satellite home for boys in the program. Skillman South features an array of amenities that allow boys aged 12 to 17 to heal and learn coping skills through physical activity, like a lighted basketball court, soccer field, and volleyball court.

Skillman East Campus

Skillman East sits just down the road from Skillman North and South and serves as another satellite residence for 6 boys participating in the Skillman Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Program. Treatment does not take place at Skillman East as the boys travel to Skillman North daily for therapy.

Hannan Ranch Campus

Hannan Ranch is an idyllic residence for adolescent boys located on two acres in the Petaluma countryside and just minutes from Skillman North. With 300-degree sweeping views of St. Helena Mountain, this campus is the perfect environment for boys aged 12 to 17 to feel comfortable enough to practice life and coping skills for managing mental health and substance use issues.