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Youth & Adolescent Rehab Near Vacaville, CA – Muir Wood

Muir Wood was founded with the belief that when kids, families, and highly trained and compassionate staff work together, teens and adolescents can have a bright future, moving forward beyond mental health and addiction issues.  When a teen faces mental health issues, including addiction, the challenges they need to overcome are complex.  It is our mission to work hand-in-hand with the teen and the family members who love and support them, to address those complexities.  If you are searching for youth rehab near Vacaville, know that our highest values, and our commitment to our patients, are kindness and competence.

Why Consider an Adolescent Rehab Facility Near Vacaville

Located in the Sacramento Valley, Muir Wood’s adolescent rehab near Vacaville, is extraordinary among facilities for teens because it combines the very best evidence-based therapies with a comfortable and beautiful campus.  Our commitment to kindness and therapeutic excellence is what makes us the best rehab center in CA for teens. 

Vacaville, founded in 1851, is a pastoral town of about 100,000 inhabitants. Like the town where it is located, our drug treatment center near Vacaville is geared toward family and the peace that community can bring. We believe that the power of a family’s love and the science and dedication of our focused and caring staff are the best medicine for young people struggling with addiction. 

Adolescent Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Vacaville

There are three primary benefits of our teen inpatient rehab near Vacaville.  First, the setting is peaceful and provides a clean slate.  The lives of teenagers are full of distractions.  It’s easy for them to fall into familiar patterns and to be swayed by their peers.  Being in a place apart from their regular lives, routines, and temptations can be the difference it takes to give them a chance to make a change.

Second, our highly skilled staff is trained to coordinate customized care for the individual patient.  The inpatient services we provide at our Vacaville drug treatment center are holistic, immersing the patient in healthy therapies and beneficial education. 

Third, the path to putting a teen into rehab is never an easy path to have traveled.  Parents and caregivers can have some respite from their worry, knowing that their teen is safe and cared for.

Youth Outpatient Treatment Near Vacaville

For those who live in the Sacramento Valley, our teen outpatient rehab near Vacaville may be a good fit.  In situations where the teen would benefit from resuming some aspects of their usual schedule, outpatient therapy may be a good solution.  For example, when the patient has healthy, positive pursuits that it would be detrimental for him or her to quit, like sports, volunteer work, or time with supportive loved ones.  If your child needs youth rehab near Vacaville, don’t wait.  Get in touch today.

Youth Aftercare Treatment Near Vacaville

Aftercare is therapy, education, and social events designed to help the patient stay in recovery and not relapse.  As part of our addiction treatment near Vacaville, we help patients do what it takes to navigate life as a sober person, learning to be an adult.  We also work with family members to teach them the skills, like identifying medications, behaviors, and triggers, as well as positive coping methods for handling the ups and downs of life in ways that help their child stay in recovery.  The Parent Support & Coaching Program is a 16-week course.  

Types of Adolescent Treatment Programs

At Muir Wood, we stay at the forefront of the best techniques for treating adolescent addiction.  We understand that talk therapy, comprehensive mental health treatment for addiction and commingled issues, combined with family support and aftercare have been proven as the most effective combination for long-term recovery in teens.  Rehab success rate statistics show that adolescents can overcome addiction permanently with the right tools and motivations.  So, if you are looking for the best drug or alcohol rehab near Vacaville, look at what Muir Wood has to offer.

Choosing the Right Treatment Program

Every child is unique.  At our adolescent rehab near Vacaville, we value what is special about each patient and work with them and their families to help those strengths shine through.  We will work with the patient and family to create the best treatment for the individual patient’s needs.  Our psychotherapy program is strong, but our services are not limited to counseling.  We care about their passions, skills and education, as well as their nutrition, physical health, and social skills.  Our staff works around the clock to provide for all of the adolescent’s needs in building themselves up for sobriety. 

What Makes Muir Wood Different?

At Muir Wood’s highly accredited adolescent drug rehab near Vacaville, our track record speaks for itself.  We are leaders in the nation at successfully guiding kids back to a better path.  Because we offer truly holistic care, from drug and alcohol rehab, to physical health care, to schooling and educational services, we have seen wonderful results for the teens we serve.   Call or click now to learn more about what makes Muir Wood so special and effective.

What Does an Average Day Look Like at Muir Wood

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A typical day at our youth rehab near Vacaville includes individual and group talk therapy, health and wellness regimes, including diet, exercise, and medical supervision.  Parents are encouraged to be involved and to spend their own time learning about addiction.  We give patients therapeutic settings in which to learn and practice life skills, as well as wholesome outings to enjoy the benefits of fresh air and natural beauty.

Treatment Cost

We work with families to make our substance abuse treatment near Vacaville affordable.  Many health insurance companies cover all or some of the costs of residential treatment.  We know parents want the best for their kids, and that they want to get rehab right the first time, which is why we make an effort to keep our adolescent rehab near Vacaville costs reasonable and transparent. For families paying in whole or in part out of pocket, we work with them to set up payment plans and financing.  

Insurance Coverage

Kaiser Permanente, Cigna, Aetna, and Anthem currently work with our youth rehab near Vacaville.  Medical insurance can be complicated and confusing.  Our staff is here to help.  If you have questions about whether or how much your insurance covers our services, get in touch. 

Our Admission Process

When you reach out to Muir Wood, our compassionate staff will spend as much time as it takes to help you understand and complete the admissions process.  Our adolescent drug rehab near Vacaville does not accept every person who inquires about using our services.  We are committed to providing excellent care and take only those teens we believe we can serve appropriately.  If your child is accepted into our Vacaville drug rehab, our staff will explain all the steps for enrolling your child, as well as how you can stay involved in your child’s progress.