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Close Bonds with Parents Decreases Rates of Teen Prescription Drug Abuse

We live in a busy world. Making time for friends and family is becoming increasingly difficult. While many parents feel that their responsibilities are growing and they are finding less time to spend with they kids, the kids are getting older and are more in need of parental attention than ever as they face the challenges of growing up. This disconnect between parents and their kids could be very significant in the child’s decision whether or not to use drugs.

In a recent issue of the Journal of Primary Prevention, a University of Cincinnati research study on the influence of parents on children’s decisions to use drugs was published. The report uses data collected on more than 54,000 middle and high school students by the Coalition for a Drug-Free Greater Cincinnati.

The Study Results

The study revealed that almost 14 percent of the student participants reported having used prescription drugs recreationally. It also found that high schoolers were more likely to use addictive medications than middle school students and that boys are more likely to abuse prescription pills than girls. Students using prescription drugs for recreational use report doing so because they mistakenly believe that prescription drugs are safer to use than illegal drugs of unknown origin.

One of the most important factors in mitigating drug use for teens seems to be a positive relationship with their parents, provided that their parents advise them on the dangers of abusing drugs of any kind for any purpose. Some of the best ways to foster these relationships include:

  • Family dinners
  • Having a game night
  • Taking time for a vacation
  • Getting involved in an activity with your child

The behavior of friends also had a very strong influence on teens’ choices to use as well. If your son has a friend who uses drugs, he is far more likely to abuse drugs himself. This makes it all the more important to make time with your kids, so you can have a chance to make a positive impression on your child.

Help Is Never Out of Reach

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