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Milieu Therapy for Teen Girls

Milieu and community play important roles in the residential treatment experience. Maintaining an environment that is conducive to positive thinking, safety, and well-being helps to improve outlook and reinforce the lessons of therapy. Muir Wood creates a specialized environment tailored to the needs of its young clients and their family members. Light and open spaces, ample personal space, frequent recreation, and appropriate supervision result in an atmosphere ideally suited to helping teens feel good about the experience of receiving treatment.

Camaraderie and friendship are fundamental for teenagers. Mental health disorders can often lead to young people feeling isolated and alienated from friends. Others may form harmful relationships with communities that perpetuate negative thinking and bad behaviors. Friendships formed at Muir Wood are based upon shared positive experiences and often extend into later life. A sense of community also extends to the trust-based relationships and genuine rapport our staff creates with clients. 

Building Positive Relationships

Muir Wood is an Active, Positive Community

Whether taking part in recreational activities, learning and practicing new skills or going on excursions, Muir Wood staff and clients are always on the move.