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Girls Residential Treatment


The Muir Wood residential treatment program has been described by best-selling author and recognized treatment expert Kathy Ketcham.

A place of light and hope offering a comprehensive program of treatment, academics, and family involvement that sets the gold standard for gender-specific adolescent treatment. If only every young person struggling could spend time at Muir Wood where kindness, trust and respect are the keystones of life-long recovery.

As a gender-separate program, Muir Wood’s safe, therapeutic environment provides a container for girls to explore sensitive underlying issues, without the obvious distraction of a mixed-gender setting. Many of the girls that come to Muir Wood struggle with issues related to body image, depression, anxiety, attachment, and trauma. The female staff and gender-separate environment invites girls to explore issues they may not otherwise feel comfortable discussing in a mixed-gender setting, while also providing highly qualified role models who have been uniquely trained in the treatment of teen girls. This transformational setting helps in the formation of healthy and supportive interactions with their peers, which is essential in residential treatment. When girls receive treatment from a credentialed and caring female staff, in a gender-separate setting, it is often much easier for them to remain open to therapy and willing to accept care.  

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Recognizing that many young girls who enter treatment at Muir Wood have experienced trauma, the program at Muir Wood incorporates a trauma-informed approach. The highly qualified and experienced clinicians of the Muir Wood girls residential program have extensive training in the treatment of trauma. This includes our triple-board certified psychiatrist who was trained at Harvard and was a Clinical Fellow in the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and is certified in trauma informed therapy, along with the Clinical Director who is certified in EMDR, an evidence-based best practice intervention for the treatment of PTSD.

The program at Muir Wood was designed to provide a unique setting for girls to heal. From the idyllic campus set in the Sonoma countryside, to the highly credentialed female staff and trauma-informed approach that specifically addresses the needs of the girls in our care, the individualized and comprehensive program truly “sets the gold standard for gender-specific adolescent treatment.”