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The New Anti-Drinking Ad: Boy Vomits His Girlfriend

Sensationalism and the media have long gone hand in hand. Shocking images, music, and over-the-top aggression in ads are commonplace at this point. Marketers have spent decades inundating the public with shocking images in an attempt to capture attention, deliver a message, and/or sway opinion. The ads against the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol are no exception to this. But how much is too much?

A recent ad from the Foundation Against Drug Addiction, a Spanish anti-drug organization, features images of a young man vomiting out his girlfriend. The intent? To convince viewers that alcohol does more than just make you sick. It can alienate you and do harm to the ones you love the most.

Says the narrator of the ad, “Every time you get drunk, you push away the people that matter to you, like your girlfriend.”

Too Far or Powerful Message?

Though strong and even violent images like the ones in the Spanish anti-drug ad can be powerful enough to evoke a response in viewers, that response may not always be a positive one. Because the issue of underage drinking is an ongoing problem in Spain and an issue that is having more and more serious repercussions for the entire country, the hope was that the response would be strong enough to start a dialogue, change behaviors of Spanish youth, and encourage parents to take a stronger stance against teen alcohol abuse.

Ignacio Gonzalez is the head of the Foundation Against Drug Addiction in Spain. He said that the problem of alcohol abuse among the country’s young people is “very serious” and “more disgusting” than the images in the video.

Helping Kids Understand the Dangers of Drinking

Few kids have a solid understanding of just how deadly underage drinking can be. Even some parents believe that having a drink or two during the high school years is a normal part of growing up. However, the fact is that kids are dying when they get behind the wheel after drinking or get in the car with someone who is under the influence. Many are ending up in the emergency room due to overdose when they mix alcohol with other substances—and some don’t come out. Others find themselves the victims of sexual or physical attack because they were too drunk to defend themselves and at the wrong place at the wrong time—and others find themselves under arrest for perpetrating these crimes while drinking.

Addressing Teen Drinking at Home

Teen drinking is an issue that should not be ignored by parents. If your son is drinking and can’t or won’t stop, contact us at Muir Wood today and find out how we can help him get back on track.