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Adolescent Rehab Near Vallejo, CA – Muir Wood

Muir Wood Adolescent and Family Services is an accredited drug and addiction treatment center near Vallejo. Muir Wood’s team of highly qualified treatment professionals provide effective, integrated treatment to teens living with mental health issues and substance use disorders. Muir Wood also features a recognized California supplemental education program for grades 7 to 12, including for physical education. Muir Wood is one of the only residential treatment centers nationally with an academic program that is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC). 

Why Consider a Rehab Facility Near Vallejo

Muir Wood’s residential facilities are nestled in Sonoma County, one of the most tranquil and beautiful areas in Northern California. Our scenic location enables us to offer unparalleled adventure and experiential therapy programs that incorporate the healing power of nature in the therapeutic process. 

Muir Wood residential and outpatient facilities are also within a short drive of several state parks and reserves, including the picturesque coastal city of Vallejo. Located on the San Francisco Bay, Vallejo is the ideal setting for nature-based therapeutic activities, such as hiking, mountain biking, and animal care. 

Facts about Vallejo

  • Population (2020): 126,090 
  • Median household income: $73,869
  • Area code: 707
aerial view of he Penngrove campus
In 1843, Mexican General Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo, the founder of Sonoma, received a land grant that included the future city of Vallejo. Seven years later, the General’s ranch became Vallejo and temporarily served as California’s capital city.

Adolescent Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Vallejo

Muir Wood offers teen inpatient rehab near Vallejo for adolescents facing difficulties due to mental health issues and co-occurring substance use disorders. Attending an adolescent rehab near Vallejo has many benefits.

Research has shown that treating addiction is more effective when individuals are removed from their environmental triggers. For example, young people may face peer pressure from other drunk teens to engage in dangerous binge drinking behaviors. By choosing Muir Wood’s drug treatment center near Vallejo, clients can recover in an idyllic and secluded location perfect for away from distracting, and possibly triggering, circumstances.  

Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Near Vallejo

Muir Wood delivers teen outpatient rehab near Vallejo for adolescents who need support while adjusting to their everyday lives.

Enrolling in outpatient services greatly increases an adolescent’s chances of maintaining sobriety and avoiding relapse. There are several reasons why attending our outpatient youth rehab near Vallejo is ideal for young people living in and around Sonoma County

Remain near friends and family 

-Social support is a key aspect of recovery.

Create the structure for daily life

-Outpatient programs help young people stay out of trouble by providing healthy activities during after school hours.

Encourage academic achievement

    -Muir Wood offers academic support, including tutoring and independent education plan consultations. 

Adolescent Aftercare Treatment Near Vallejo

After completing Muir Wood’s teen inpatient rehab near Vallejo, teens, and their parents can enroll in Muir Wood’s aftercare services.

The aftercare program eases the transition from residential services to outpatient treatment and manages recovery in everyday life. 

Families living in and around Vallejo who enroll in Muir Wood’s aftercare program benefit from facilitated access to post-residential treatment support. Teens and their caregivers also learn how to implement their recovery plan and continue on their sobriety journey. 

Types of Treatment Programs at Muir Wood

Muir Wood’s interdisciplinary care team is experienced in treating clients with many different types of substance use disorders, including teens with dual diagnoses. 

Muir Wood’s teen drug rehab near Vallejo treats addictions to the following substances:

  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Prescription drugs

Due to how many teens abuse LSD and other psychedelics, Muir Wood also treats synthetic and designer drug use. 

How to Choose The Right Treatment Program

Parents looking for an adolescent rehab near Vallejo will need information in order to select the right program for their teen.

Parents can also find all of our credentials, accreditations, and staff licenses on our website. 

If a family decides that our youth rehab near Vallejo is right for their teen, Muir Wood staff will conduct thorough clinical and neuropsychological assessments to create a personalized treatment plan. 

Why Choose Muir Wood for Adolescent Rehab

Muir Wood is an outstanding substance abuse treatment center near Vallejo. Our programs take place at two residential campuses in charming Sonoma County.  Our campuses are divided by gender in order to reduce distractions and encourage our clients to focus on their healing journeys.

Both campuses are situated on acres of scenic farmland, surrounded by rolling hills and peaceful pastures. This rustic landscape not only creates a tranquil atmosphere but also provides ample opportunities for experiential, nature-based activities. Clients can also continue their education at our accredited on-site learning centers. 

We support our clients through their entire continuum of care, which progresses from our most intensive residential services to our outpatient and aftercare programs. 

Residential clients stay in beautifully appointed properties that offer the privacy, security,  and serenity necessary for recovery. Outpatient services also take place on-site. Our integrated program delivers customized treatment plans in a centralized location. Muir Wood’s integrated approach is the optimal method for treating adolescents with dual diagnoses. 

Family involvement is a cornerstone of our treatment approach. To ensure that caregivers remain informed and supported throughout the process, we offer family therapy and coaching classes to all parents. 

What a Typical Day is Like at Muir Wood

Grils walking on path at Muir Wood

Muir Wood accepts a small group of teens at any given time, ensuring that every client receives personalized attention from our dedicated, interdisciplinary care team. 

Each client starts the day in a comfortable, spacious bedroom that they share with one other roommate. As nutrition is a key component of Muir Wood’s approach, the day begins with a balanced meal served by our head chef. 

From there, clients complete activities according to their tailored treatment and recovery plan. This could include adventure or experiential therapy, life skill courses, medication-assisted treatment, fitness, and academic support.

Adolescent Treatment Costs

Muir Wood’s service rates are in line with other drug treatment centers near Vallejo and Sonoma County.  Many health insurers cover drug and addiction treatment costs for residential and outpatient services. For families without qualifying plans, Muir Wood has several financing options, including payment plans. Muir Wood also awards one needs-based scholarship per year.

Insurance Coverage for Youth

Muir Wood  is an in-network provider for the following private insurance firms:

  • Cigna
  • Halcyon Behavioral
  • Magellan Health Services
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • MHN

Clients under other insurance plans should contact their provider and determine if Muir Wood’s treatment services can be covered on an out-of-network basis. Families can verify their insurance information on the Muir Wood website, or talk to one of our experienced staff members. 

How the Admission Process Works

Muir Wood assesses all potential clients on an individualized basis to determine the appropriate level of care. Teens who meet the criteria for admission into the residential care program can travel to our adolescent rehab near Vallejo to begin their treatment.