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Adolescent Rehab in Sonoma County, California – Muir Wood

If you are in search of the best rehab center in California, and more specifically looking for the best substance abuse treatment in Sonoma County, Muir Wood should be at the top of your list. Accredited by the Joint Commission, we are also in-network providers with the top insurance companies in the nation. Adolescent rehab in Sonoma County is more accessible than ever, and there is no better time to reach out than now.

Why Consider a Rehab Facility in Sonoma County

Although there are a few rehab facilities located throughout Sonoma County, Muir Wood is nationally recognized as one of the top treatment centers for teen substance abuse recovery. For those considering inpatient residential treatment, Muir Wood is the best choice for your family. If you’ll be seeking treatment outside your city and looking into Sonoma County, your teen will benefit from getting outside their comfort zone and away from the things they know, as nothing grows in the comfort zone. Aftercare treatment within Sonoma County is the best option for anyone currently living within the area. Our facility is kept to the highest standards, offering best-in-class medical attention, and a wide range of on-site activities to keep clients engaged throughout their days here. Muir Wood is also located near the coast, which allows us to take supervised hiking trips to enjoy gorgeous days in the sun.

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Inpatient Residential Treatment in Sonoma County

Inpatient residential treatment sees the highest percentage of successful addiction recovery in teens, post-treatment. Having your teen enrolled in a treatment facility outside the city they are used to increases the odds of successful recovery. This is due to the fact that substance availability and likelihood of running into familiar faces is virtually eliminated. Seeking inpatient rehab in Sonoma County for those living outside the area is an option to seriously consider.

Aftercare Treatment in Sonoma County

Having a solid aftercare plan when it comes to addiction recovery is a crucial part of maintaining sobriety and the lifestyle created during rehab. For those that have completed Sonoma County drug treatment or alcohol addiction treatment, it is best to stay close to home during aftercare, as this allows teens and their families to more seamlessly transition back into their everyday routines and schedules. Bridging the gap between rehab and normal life is an essential part of the recovery process, and Muir Wood is an exceptional choice for aftercare treatment.

Types of Treatment Programs

Muir Wood offers treatment for a wide range of substance abuse issues. Our professionals can help with things including diagnosing teen alcohol withdrawal symptoms and teen alcohol treatment. Also serving as a drug rehab in Sonoma County, our treatment programs are curated to be personalized to each individual, as every teen is different.

The types of treatment programs we offer for drug and alcohol addiction recovery include:

  • Adolescent Mental Health Services
  • Teen Psychiatric Evaluation, Diagnosis, and Assessment
  • Integrated Treatment Services
  • Substance Abuse Treatment and Family Systems Therapy
  • Academic Services and Support for Teens
  • Aftercare Plan for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Why Muir Wood Is Different?

At Muir Wood, we pride ourselves on the level of excellence we provide to our clients. Education is a must on a daily basis, and we make it a point to ensure your teen continues to maintain and progress in their academics while receiving care at our facility. Our facilities are also among the gold standard in addiction treatment, with accreditation from the Joint Commission, and affiliations with some of the top associations and programs in the country. We are nationally recognized as one of the best addiction treatment centers, and that holds especially true as a drug treatment center in Sonoma County. Our approach to care is extremely individualized, and you will notice this right from the get-go during our screening and admissions process. Our staff is as caring as caring gets, and keeps a beautiful balance of professionalism and empathy for the situation.

What Does an Average Day Look Like at Muir Wood

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Muir Wood has separate campuses for boys and girls. Rooms are boarded with two individuals each – attentively paired by our staff for the best roommate fit. The day-to-day consists of a well-rounded schedule of activities, academics, healthy food, counseling, medical treatment, and relaxation. Our chefs prepare three delicious and nutritious meals each day, which staff and clients often eat together. Activities including basketball, flag football, ping, pong, and even boxing training are available to clients. Teens need to learn to enjoy activities without being under the influence, and the social aspect alongside peers further reinforces this. At Muir Wood, personalized medical care and education are a major component that sets our facility apart from others offering rehab in Sonoma County.

Cost for Treatment

We would never want cost to be a factor in deterring a parent from getting the proper care their teen needs. At Muir Wood, we can offer financing options and payment plans for families who will be paying out-of-pocket. We also accept insurance, which will be covered in the section below. To get a general idea of how much treatment will cost, inpatient rehab in Sonoma County can start around $6k and get upwards of $20k for a 30-day program, and outpatient rehab in Sonoma County can come in around $5k – $10k for a three-month program. It is important to first understand where your teen is in their addiction before deciding which type of addiction treatment in Sonoma County will achieve the greatest results.

Insurance Coverage

Muir Wood is an in-network provider with leading insurance companies, including Kaiser Permanente, Anthem Blue Cross, Aetna and Cigna. We are also in-network with Halcyon and MHN. Whether you are searching for the best alcohol rehab in Sonoma County, inpatient or outpatient services, you can rest assured that the coverage your teen needs can be covered by your current insurer.

Admission Process

We aim to be a catalyst for positive and lasting change and seek to understand the full scope of your child’s needs during the first step of speaking with one of the professionals on our treatment team. Our thorough screening process may also include having conversations with our clinical and medical directors, as well as a psychiatrist and our academic director.