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Adolescent Rehab Near Santa Rosa, CA – Muir Wood

Muir Wood is an established and reputable adolescent rehab near Santa Rosa. Our highly-specialized team of caring professionals implement an integrated therapy approach to support young people facing mental health challenges and substance use disorders.  Muir Wood is ideally located in picturesque Sonoma County and accepts clients from across the state and the nation.

Why Consider a Rehab Facility Near Santa Rosa For Youth

Muir Wood delivers its programming on two sprawling campuses located in the foothills of one of Northern California’s most desirable regions.  This location provides easy access to some of the state’s most remarkable nature-based attractions. Muir Wood is only a short drive away from Santa Rosa, an urban oasis surrounded by lakes, parks, and reserves. 

Facts about Santa Rosa

Population (2021): 176,938

Median household income: $80,472

Area code: 707

Spanish for Saint Rose, Santa Rosa was founded by Mexican settlers in 1833. Today, Santa Rosa is one of the most populated cities in the Bay Area. 

Teen & Youth Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Santa Rosa

One of the most unique features of Muir Wood’s youth rehab near Santa Rosa is its rural setting. Somona is one of the most picturesque locations in Northern California, and offers a peaceful retreat for young people affected by substance use disorder or mental health issues. 

Receiving inpatient services away from a young person’s usual surroundings is conducive to sobriety. Teens may find it difficult to remain sober in the same environment where drug use was the norm. 

Innocuous household items such as paper bags and soda cans can double as inhalant paraphernalia and trigger cravings in young people addicted to inhalants. Accepting teen substance abuse treatment near Santa Rosa allows young people to start their recovery journey in a new, inspiring location where they can be free from negative influences. 

Teen & Youth Outpatient Treatment Near Santa Rosa

Muir Wood’s outpatient rehab near Santa Rosa provides the right balance of professional support and supervision and autonomy. 

Without support, many patients relapse after completing addiction treatment. Statistics show that outpatient programs can greatly reduce the risk of relapse and promote long-term sobriety. Muir Wood’s teen outpatient rehab near Santa Rosa also offers the following benefits:

A healthy routine 

  • Clients continue to engage in therapy and healing activities on regular basis

Continued supervision

  • Our professional team remains closely involved with outpatient clients and guides them through their recovery.

Academic support

  • Muir Wood also provides tutoring and tailored academic intervention plans for clients in the outpatient program.

Youth Aftercare Treatment Near Santa Rosa

In Muir Wood’s continuum of care, outpatient services are followed by our aftercare program.  

Our aftercare program considers how stressors can affect a young person’s sobriety. We provide touchup therapy sessions to divert young people from turning to past unhealthy coping skills. We also connect our program alumni to support groups and counselors in their communities. 

Types of Treatment Programs for Adolescents and Teens

Muir Wood provides specialized treatments at its teen drug rehab near Santa Rosa. We accept clients between the ages of 12-17 who abuse the following substances:

  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • LSD
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Inhalants

Unfortunately, since there are many legal drugs that get you high, many teens become addicted to prescription medications and over-the-counter drugs. Muir Wood also addresses these types of substance use disorders. 

Why Muir Wood Is Different?

There are many reasons why families across Sonoma, California, and the country choose our youth rehab near Santa Rosa:

We are credentialed: Muir Wood implements an excellent standard of care in every aspect of its program design. Our facilities are accredited by several industry-respected bodies, including the Joint Commision and the California Department of Social Services. All of our therapeutic activities are led by credential therapists who specialize in treating young people with addictions. 

We put families first: We believe that parent education and inclusion are essential to a young person’s recovery. We support families every step of the way by connecting all caregivers to workshops, therapy sessions, and resources.

What Does an Average Day Look Like at Muir Wood

A group of people sitting in chairs in a room.

The Muir Wood residential and outpatient programs are delivered on gender-segregated campuses in the idyllic setting of Sonoma County. Residents live in beautifully-appointed homes that include an ideal combination of social and private spaces. Outpatient clients have access to all of our well-maintained facilities where they can participate in group therapy, yoga sessions, and other therapeutic activities. 

Muir Wood’s professional care team uses mental health, medical, and clinical evaluations to create a personalized treatment plan for each client. Every plan follow an integrated approach that  includes a combination of these evidence-based treatments:

  • Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Adventure Therapy
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Exercise
  • Medication Management
  • Group and Individual Psychotherapy sessions

Cost for Treatment

Similar to any other adolescent rehab near Santa Rosa, Muir Wood’s rates vary depending on treatment type, the client’s diagnosis, and other factors. 

Inpatient and outpatient treatment costs may be covered by health insurance. In cases where families must pay out-of-pocket, Muir Wood can offer other payment options. Once a year, Muir Wood also awards one Jennifer Golick, PhD Muir Wood Treatment Scholarship, which allows the client to attend 45 days of residential treatment at no cost. 

Insurance Coverage

Muir Wood is an in-network provider for several insurance firms. We accept plans from the following insurers:

  • Cigna
  • Halcyon Behavioral
  • Magellen Health Services
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Kaiser Permanete
  • MHN

Families with insurance providers not included on this list should contact Muir Wood. Our staff will help you understand your benefits and coverage options. 

Admission Process

Muir Wood ensures that every client begins their recovery journey at the right level of care. During intake, our qualified team evaluates the teen’s needs through screenings and interviews. If the client meets the criteria for residential services, they can arrange travel plans with their family members. Clients who do not require inpatient treatment may be better suited for Muir Wood’s outpatient program.