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Adolescent & Youth Rehab Near San Rafael, CA – Muir Wood

Muir Wood, an adolescent rehab near San Rafael, is a trusted provider of substance use and mental health disorder treatment and recovery services. 

Our compassionate, professional interdisciplinary medical and therapy team follows an integrated treatment methodology to assist young people who are struggling with substance use disorders and mental health issues.

Conveniently situated in charming Sonoma County, Muir Wood provides inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment near San Rafael and other Bay Area cities.

Why Consider an Adolescent Rehab Facility Near San Rafael


Due to its location at the heart of Northern California’s most picturesque areas, Muir Wood ranks as the best rehab center in CA.  The state’s most amazing natural features are easily accessible from our central location in Sonoma County.

Muir Wood is just across the bay from San Rafael, a coastal city boasting pristine hiking trails and wildlife reserves. 

Facts about San Rafael

Population (2021): 60,769

Median household income: $97,009

Area code: 415


Founded in 1817 by four Spanish priests, San Rafeal is named after the Archangel Rafael. The iconic Golden Gate bridge connects San Rafael to San Francisco. 

Adolescent Inpatient Residential Treatment Near San Rafael

The rural location of Muir Wood’s youth rehab near San Rafael is among its most distinctive qualities. 

Nestled in Sonoma, one of Northern California’s most scenic towns, Muir Wood’s dual campuses provide tranquil havens for young people struggling with substance use disorders or mental health problems.

There are many benefits to entering a drug treatment center near San Rafael. It is beneficial to a young person to receive inpatient services outside of their regular environment. Teenagers who live in an environment where drug use is commonplace may find it challenging to maintain sobriety at home.

Muir Wood’s serene location gives young people the best start in their journey towards recovery. Clients can heal at their own pace without external pressures from peers. 

Adolescent Outpatient Treatment Near San Rafael

According to rehab statistics, clients who enter outpatient services after inpatient treatment have a much higher rate of continued recovery.  Clients entering Muir Wood’s teen outpatient rehab near San Rafael can expect the following benefits:

Routine and structure

  • Outpatient clients engage in many of the same activities as residential clients, including therapy, outdoor activities, and life skills courses. 

Professional support

  • Muir Wood’s license and credential therapists, medical professionals, and social workers are involved in every step of the outpatient program.

Tutoring and academic support.

  •  All of Muir Wood’s outpatient clients are expected to continue their education. Our academic interventions help clients make progress on their educational goals.

Adolescent Aftercare Treatment Near San Rafael

Patients who leave addiction treatment without a follow-up plan in place are more susceptible to relapse. The Muir Wood aftercare program provides continuous support and supervision for clients who have completed outpatient services. Aftercare treatment includes the following programs and interventions:

  • Parent Support and Coaching Program
  • Alumni Meetings
  • Touchup  Therapy
  • Support Groups

Types of Treatment Programs for Youth

Muir Wood offers specialized therapies at its teen drug rehab facility near San Rafael. Our staff are experienced in supporting young people managing the following substance use disorders:

  • Marijuana
  • Alcohol
  • LSD
  • Cocaine
  • Opioids
  • Inhalants
  • Prescription drugs
  • Dual diagnosis (Substance use disorder and co-occurring mental health condition)

Muir Wood’s care continuum includes residential, on-site outpatient, and aftercare services. 

How to Choose the Right Youth Treatment Program

Finding the right rehab program for your teen can be a complex endeavor. 

When comparing youth treatment centers, parents should look for centers that meet these criteria:

  • Credentials and accreditations
  • Treatment approaches
  • Staff qualifications
  • Continuum of Care
  • Family Involvement and support

Muir Wood is a highly regarded provider of adolescent addiction and mental health treatment services. Our program is accredited by both the Joint Commission and the California Departments of Social Services and Health Services. Our compassionate therapists are all master’s-educated, licensed professionals with a focus on working with young people.

Why Choose Muir Wood for Adolescent Rehab

For young people struggling with mental health concerns and substance use disorders, Muir Wood is among the best addiction treatment providers in the state.

We employ only evidence-based addiction treatment approaches that consider the whole person and promote physical and emotional recovery. Our individualized treatment plans include a combination of the following interventions:

What a Typical Day is Like at Muir Wood

girls in teen treatment

Muir Wood’s treatment services and programs take place on campuses surrounded by idyllic farmland. As our programs are single-gender, boys and girls complete their daily activities at separate facilities. Both campuses are equipped with beautifully-designed wellness and activity centers and residential facilities. 

Our grounds are designed to promote privacy, seclusion, and serenity. Muir Wood makes the most of its natural setting by scheduling restorative physical activities in nearby reserves, parks, and forests.

Cost for Adolescent Treatment

Muir Wood’s daily and monthly rates are comparable to any adolescent rehab near San Rafael. Families can use the insurance benefit verification form on our webpage to determine their covered and out-of-pocket costs. Muir Wood also offers alternative payment options, including financing and payment plans. Some families may qualify for our annual scholarship. 

Insurance Coverage

Muir Wood is an in-network provider of drug treatment services for the following insurers:

  • Cigna
  • Halcyon Behavioral
  • Magellen Health Services
  • Aetna
  • Anthem
  • Kaiser Permanete
  • MHN

Out-of-network insurance may cover some costs on a case-by-case basis. Please contact our team to discuss your insurance benefits and coverage. 

How the Admission Process Works

Admission to Muir Wood begins with an intake assessment. Our caring staff will assess your teen to determine the level of care best suited to their needs. Clients accepted into the residential program can plan their trip to Muir Wood to start their journey. Muir Wood may also refer incoming clients to its outpatient program.