Teen and therapist at Muir Wood

Treatment Works

Mental health and substance use disorders are chronic, progressive illnesses that can be life-threatening without treatment. It is important to get help for these conditions as soon as possible. While there is no singular treatment, or “magic pill,” that addresses all substance use or mental health conditions, holistic therapy, individualized treatment, and evidence-based care can reduce symptoms and restore one’s quality of life.

Treating substance use and co-occurring mental illnesses (dual-diagnosis) is a complex process—a journey aimed at putting patients on the path to sustained mental, physical, and emotional recovery. Individualized treatment plans that address physical, mental, and spiritual health and the nuances of each person’s history and conditions lead to better outcomes. At Muir Wood, a coordinated program of psychiatry, nursing, psychotherapy, medication management, wellness, experiential activities, fitness, and academic counseling is tailored to each client’s needs.

There is no single definition of success.

There is no one definition of success when it comes to treating mental health and substance use disorders. Nor is there a standard definition of “rehabilitation”, but there are ways to measure treatment success. Effective, evidence-based treatment addresses multiple needs of the whole person, not just substance misuse. Treatment should be appropriate to the individual’s age, gender, ethnicity, and culture. If all associated medical, psychological, social, academic, and vocational problems are addressed, teens with mental health and substance use disorders have a good chance of achieving a full recovery that includes long-term sustainable recovery. 

Promising evidence of successful care at Muir wood

Comprehensive high-quality treatment works. Here’s a look at some of the key criteria Muir Wood uses to measure the success of its programming. We value what parents tell us about our program and use that feedback to continually improve outcomes and the overall quality of treatment. Surveys show that:

Of admitted teens complete our program

Many teens enter a residential treatment program unwillingly. Our high completion percentage demonstrates our effectiveness in retaining teens in treatment voluntarily.

Of admitted teens go to college

A significant majority of teens who are discharged from Muir Wood are both academically proficient and sufficiently stable to enter college.

Of our teen patients return home after discharge

At Muir Wood, family involvement is essential. Our overarching goal in working with teens and their families is the sustained healing of the family system.

Of parents would refer our program to a friend or family member

Our customer loyalty metric (Net Promoter Score) is one of the highest attained in any industry.