Muir Wood Adolescent Campus

Residential Treatment

For teens who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders, a residential teen treatment program can be a life-changing experience. In a highly structured residential setting, more time and attention improve the accuracy of assessments including psychiatric evaluations and neuropsychological testing which can lead to improved treatment outcomes. The clinical team also has the ability to develop treatment plans that best address a teen’s individual needs, ensuring effective treatment and sustainable recovery.

Because of the small number of teens accepted at Muir Wood, our teen treatment program is highly individualized. That enables us to be extremely effective at treating not only substance abuse, but also a wide array of underlying issues that often accompany it. It is these co-occurring issues – such as anxiety, depression, trauma, or poor self-esteem – that often lead to self-medication with drugs and/or alcohol. 

Importantly, this holistic approach to care extends beyond our clinical treatment program to our clients’ overall experience while at Muir Wood and afterwards. This includes:

  • Strong academic support and enrichment to help teens prepare for their future
  • Family education, counseling, and therapy, which are integral to better outcomes
  • A safe, nurturing environment designed to support physical and emotional well-being
  • Connecting clients to quality continuing-care providers and resources
  • Alumni programs, which help teenagers successfully complete the launch into adulthood