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Integrated Treatment Services

If your teen is struggling with a psychiatric disorder along with substance abuse — a common condition known as a dual diagnosis — integrated care is crucial to his success. Integrated care began as a reaction to the need for more effective, compassionate treatment for people with a dual diagnosis. At an integrated rehabilitation program, treatment for substance abuse is blended with treatment for mental illness. This provides more comprehensive, consistent care, while reducing the risk of relapse and increasing patients’ chances of success.

Key features of an integrated program include:

  • Staff cross-trained in treatment for adolescent addiction treatment and mental health
  • The continuity of a single treatment facility 
  • Individualized attention and customized treatment plans
  • Dedicated peer support groups

Despite of the prevalence of dual diagnosis disorders among adolescents, there are few quality rehabilitation programs in the US that offer specialized, integrated care for teens. As you compare addiction treatment facilities, ask these questions:

  • Does the facility’s treatment philosophy include integrated care for a teen with dual diagnosis?
  • Is the program tailored to the psychological, emotional, and physical needs of teens?
  • Does the center offer a complete psychiatric evaluation and neuropsychological testing for its clients?
  • Are therapists and counselors specially trained in psychiatric treatment, as well as addiction care?
  • Do the treatment professionals work as a closely coordinated team to ensure strong continuity of care?
  • Does the facility offer a full range of activities and experiential therapies to address all of a teenager’s needs?
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At Muir Wood, integrated treatment is tailored for each teen, and features a “whole person” approach addressing mental and physical well-being. With years of experience treating adolescent teens, we’ve developed therapeutic experiences that greatly enhance our residents’ recovery.