Muir Wood Teen

Clinical Program

Teens have specific treatment needs that must be addressed for successful recovery from substance abuse and underlying issues. Our Clinical Program is focused on the evidence-based practices proven to be the most effective forteens navigating the many challenges of recovery during adolescence. Facilitated by a staff of highly trained and experienced addiction professionals, our Clinical Program is designed to treat addiction issues as well as any co-occurring mental health, behavior, and learning issues your son is experiencing.

Components of our Clinical Program

Clinicians at Muir Wood

Individual and Group Therapy: Through a combination of one-on-one work with a licensed primary therapist and staff-facilitated group therapy, teens learn communication, self-awareness and healthy coping skills.

Comprehensive Psychological Testing: Our psychological testing and evaluation program allows us to properly diagnose and treat the underlying issues contributing to your son’s substance abuse.

Equine Assisted Therapy: Each week, Muir Wood teens work with horses at the Medicine Horse Ranch to realize individual treatment goals and develop social and emotional intelligence.

Neurofeedback: Two weekly sessions help teens optimize focus, mood and attention.

Holistic & Experiential Therapy: Guided meditation and yoga are taught and practiced weekly to help teens manage stress, learn positive coping mechanisms, and develop self-awareness.

12-Step Focus: Peer support provides a critical foundation for lifelong sobriety.