Muir Wood Teen

Peer Group Therapy for Teens With Addiction Issues

Group therapy for teens is an important psychotherapeutic tool. When substance abuse enters the picture, the negative aspects of adolescence are magnified, leaving family members feeling helpless and frightened. Teenage boys who become addicted to drugs are more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors like driving under the influence, having unsafe sex, getting into altercations […]

One-on-One Individual Therapy for Teens

One-on-one individual therapy for teens gives troubled teenagers the opportunity to speak openly about their experiences in a nonjudgmental, confidential, safe setting. A reliable therapist can be trusted with a young person’s fears, worries and hopes for the future. One-on-one therapy takes place as part of a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Sessions usually last for […]

Therapy Options

Teens in recovery need a different therapy options than adults. Therapy for adolescents should focus on the issues that young people face and teach them coping skills that are appropriate for their lives. Character development and esteem building are at the heart of a successful program for boys who want to become strong, self-reliant men. […]

The Use of Adventure Therapy for Adolescent Boys

Adventure therapy for boys can make treatment more engaging and enjoyable. If asked to draw a picture of the room in which therapy might take place, teen boys might sketch couches positioned close to chairs. They might spend time drawing boxes of tissue resting on coffee tables, and if they feel inspired, they may even […]

Neuropsych Testing

Neuropsychological testing is an extensive and comprehensive evaluation process that encompasses a wide range of tests and allows treatment specialists to identify areas of need and specific challenges that can be addressed through a personalized treatment program. At Muir Wood, each patient begins his experience here with neuropsych testing. Starting with this process allows us […]

Individualized Care

Individualized care can improve teen treatment outcomes. Deep down, buried inside the genetic code, people are different from one another. Those minor differences can be magnified and augmented as people age, as medical conditions take hold, memories form and experiences shape the way a person thinks and feels. At times, these differences don’t matter, and […]

Family Counseling

Family counseling is an important component of adolescent mental health and substance use disorder treatment.  Addictions aren’t caused by bad parenting. In order for an addiction to blossom, a teen needs a perfect storm of opportunity, a willingness to take risks and a brain susceptible to the siren song of addictive drugs. Once an addiction […]

Dialectical Behavior Therapy for Adolescents

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), is a mode of psychotherapy that addresses patient’s views as compared to other therapeutic interventions included in the CBT classification; it provides patients with a mixture of traditional problem-solving strategies as well as acceptance strategies. This means that patients are encouraged to accept the issues, situations, or relationships that they define […]

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adolescents

During CBT sessions, patients are guided toward a better understanding of the complex relationships that exist between thoughts, feelings and actions. By better understanding the negative thoughts that lead to negative feelings and eventually to negative behaviors, patients can learn how to modify their perspectives in order to alter their approach to stressors in life […]