Muir Wood Teen

Understanding Teen Hormones

If you have a teenager going through puberty, you probably understand what the word “tumultuous” really means. Having an adolescent going through puberty isn’t an easy task but neither is going through it firsthand. We’ve all experienced the big transition back in our adolescent lives but sometimes we forget what it’s really like to experience […]

Teen Exercise Addiction

Teen exercise addiction is a problem that can go unnoticed, but can lead to significant mental and physical health problems. In our health-conscious society, exercise is often perceived as a “good” addiction. Unlike drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or junk food, working out can produce a natural high while improving your cardiovascular health, increasing your muscle tone, […]

Teaching Self-Esteem to Your Teen

In the eyes of a parent, a child might be physically beautiful, emotionally generous and intensely intelligent. When that child looks in the mirror, however, the teen might see only bumps and flaws, and the teen might have additional concerns regarding intelligence and social interactions. Teens are often the harshest judges of their own capabilities, […]

A Teen’s Developing Brain

Sometimes teenagers can seem like different beings altogether. Some might say they’re over-reactive, dramatic, and impulsive. Is that true? Well, yes and no. It is true that teenagers and adolescents can often behave flagrantly and emotionally. Adolescents simply have different brain chemistry that hasn’t fully formed into adult brains yet. Brain Terminology Scientists say that […]

Teen Health

Guide to Teen Health Raising a teen isn’t easy, and it’s not uncommon for parents to have a significant amount of questions about what they should be doing, and when they should be asking for help from an outsider. With tiny babies, parents have control over almost everything that happens to that child. The foods […]