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What to Do About Teen Bullying

In order to understand how to handle bullying that your son may be experiencing, it is important to understand exactly what bullying is. The media attention on bullying in recent years has shed new light on its harmful effects, but what is bullying, really? According to, a website set up to address bullying in […]

The Role of a Life Skill Coach in Your Teen’s Long-Term Recovery

Recovering from an addiction isn’t easy. Teens who enroll in comprehensive programs for their addictions may desperately want to get better, and they may work hard to change when they’re surrounded by the culture of recovery in their treatment programs, but they may fall back into bad habits when their treatment programs are complete. In […]

Setting Goals for the Future

When you embark on a comprehensive drug and alcohol abuse rehabilitation program for your substance-abusing teen, you are opening the door to a path that offers him the opportunity to work toward a future that is bright and exciting. What defines that future specifically in terms of academic accomplishment, mental and physical health, and interpersonal […]

Preparing Your Teen for College

Getting a teenager ready to go to college can be a stressful experience for parents, especially if the teen is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse. Parents who have high hopes for their children may be devastated by the idea that their son is turning out to be an addict. Making it through this difficult […]

How a Teen Can Manage Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a regular and normal part of growing up, according to an article in Psychology Today. Generally, between 10 and 14 years of age, children are the most susceptible to pressure from their friends. A teen becomes more capable of withstanding the influences over the remainder of his teen years and by the […]

Graduating High School After Treatment

A battle with addiction can put a teenager’s entire life on hold — including his education. One of the first signs of substance abuse in adolescents is a decline in academic performance. Teens who use drugs often skip class, neglect their homework and lose interest in sober extracurricular activities. As a result, their grades often […]

Life Skills

Teen Life Skills: An Essential Part of Transitioning Into Adulthood There’s much more to life than reading, writing and arithmetic. In order to succeed in the world of adults, teens need to learn how to focus, listen to others, set goals, and so much more. Teens who have mental illnesses may struggle to learn these […]