Muir Wood Teen

Sober Escort

A sober escort facilitates safe transition between home and treatment environments. A teenager’s journey from addiction to recovery presents a lot of obstacles. Some of the greatest hurdles arise on the path to or from treatment. At these transitional times, unsupervised teens have the time and opportunity to fall back into their destructive habits. Even […]

Selecting a Family Mediator

When you prepare to stage an intervention for your substance-abusing teen to make it clear that the last line in the sand has been crossed and it’s now time to begin the work serious addiction treatment, you will be most effective in your efforts when you choose a family mediator. Why? A family mediator can […]

Intervention Models of Approach Used on Teen Addicts

According to an article produced by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Almost 1.4 million adolescents met the criteria for a diagnosis of alcohol abuse or alcohol dependence in 2002, and of these young people, fewer than 230,000 got care for that problem. It’s possible that some of these young people didn’t get […]

Convincing Your Teen to Attend Rehab

When asked, some parents might claim that they can convince their teens to go to rehab programs when they utter four important words: “Because I said so.” While teens who are forced to attend rehab might place their bodies in treatment, their hearts might remain fixed on addiction, and the behaviors that support an addiction […]


Intervention: Guiding Teens Toward The Right Choices By talking openly about the addiction, with the help of an interventionist or a family mediator, parents can help to break through the denial that can hide an addiction and they can help their teens enter a formal treatment program for addiction and learn how to leave their […]