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Who Offers Drug Detox for Teens?

Drug detox for teens with certain substance use disorders can be a necessary first step in treatment. Healing from an addiction often takes place in a step-by-step format, with each movement building on the movement that took place in the past. help that a drug detox program can provide. Here, they’ll have access to medical […]

Managing Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be scary to parents and to teens who do not realize that drinking habits have reached such an excessive level that stopping alcohol intake will cause your child to feel ill. Unfortunately, it’s a sign of physical alcohol dependence and a serious issue with alcohol abuse and addiction that requires immediate […]

Assisted Alcohol Detox vs. Detoxing at Home

Alcohol can make teens feel silly, happy and giddy. When a few hours have passed, however, these teens might feel as though their bodies have completely returned to normal. They can walk in a straight line, talk coherently and pass even the most stringent breath test for alcohol. But deep inside the cells of the […]


Teen Drug Detoxification: The First Step in Recovery Addictive drugs like marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription painkillers and benzodiazepines can cause changes in the wiring of the brain. In time, the brain feels as though it needs those addictive substances in order to survive, and teens who attempt to stop abusing these drugs on their own […]