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Warning Signs Your Teen Is Abusing Heroin

Heroin abuse infects every layer of your son’s life so the signs that indicate your teen is abusing heroin can include a wide range of telltale issues. From health concerns to changes in social choices and problems at home and at school, the signs of addiction are a parent’s first indication that their child needs […]

The Use of Medications in Heroin Treatment

Heroin abuse and heroin addiction are spreading rapidly amongst teens. Due to a rise in prescription drug experimentation, many teens develop an unexpected physical dependence upon opiates and are unable to keep up with the cost of buying pills on the black market. As a result, they turn to the cheaper and more accessible alternative […]

Health Concerns of Prolonged Heroin Use

Heroin use and abuse are dangerous for a number of reasons, but the health concerns related to use of the drug are deadly – both the acute and chronic issues risked. Depending upon the method of ingestion, additional health risks may be a concern for users as well. Also, the effects of heroin abuse are […]

Getting Help for a Teen Heroin Addict

Heroin was available over the counter and used to treat myriad conditions in both adults and children in the United States, according to Narconon, an organization that provides self-help 12-step programs for individuals suffering from drug addiction. Even though heroin was made illegal in 1920, it was a significant problem throughout the 20th century. The […]

Opioid Abuse

Teen Heroin Abuse: How Parents Can Handle The Epidemic Parents might feel as though heroin abuse would never take place between the walls of their home, as their children are provided with so many opportunities and so much pampering that they’d never be driven to use this powerful drug. As a result, many parents remain […]