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Recognize the Signs of Inhalant Abuse

Knowing the signs of inhalant abuse can help identity the need for treatment. According to the Consumer Protection Safety Commission of the United States, inhalant abuse can kill. Not only can it kill, but it can kill instantly and suddenly, even if it is your son’s first time engaging in the abuse. It can kill […]

Paraphernalia of Inhalant Abuse

Paraphernalia used for inhalant abuse includes any item used to aid in the ingestion of hazardous chemicals that can produce a high when breathed in in large doses. Unfortunately, most of the paraphernalia used in the practice of inhalant abuse are household items that parents may not immediately identify as a paraphernalia item. These items […]

Health Concerns of Inhalant Abuse

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health reports that more than 2 million adolescents over the age of 12 in the United States abused inhalant substances in 2009. Most popular among teens and adolescents who do not have regular access to alcohol and other drugs of abuse, the drugs in this class are identified […]

Aerosol Inhalant Abuse

When teenagers begin to experiment with heroin, meth or cocaine. Young teens are much more likely to start with inexpensive, legal substances that are found around the house. The vapors of everyday aerosol products like spray paint, hairspray, deodorants and air fresheners can be inhaled, or “huffed,” by kids for a mind-altering high. The poisonous […]

Inhalant Abuse

Inhalant Abuse: The Legal High With Permanent Consequences While many drugs of abuse could cause death if they’re used repeatedly at very high doses, inhalants are one of the only classes of drug that could kill on the very first attempt, even if the dose seems low. Solvents, paint and fuels are designed to make […]