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Benefits of Extended Care (90 Days)

Recovery from addiction is a gradual process, even for the most active, energetic teens. In the past, 30-day treatment programs were the gold standard for rehab, but more recent clinical research has shown that 90-day extended care programs are more effective. Teens who stay in rehab for longer periods have time to acquire coping skills, […]

When Drug Abuse Becomes Addiction

Adolescence is known as a time of risk-taking and experimentation, and many of these youthful experimentations involve drugs. A lot of teens will try drugs once or twice without ever getting hooked. Some will go on to abuse drugs for a limited period of time, while others will become chemically dependent or addicted. How can […]

STDs and Teen Drug Use

Addiction isn’t the only dangerous side effect of teen drug use. Study after study shows that teenagers who abuse drugs and alcohol have a higher risk of acquiring an STD, or a sexually transmitted disease. For instance, the results of a survey published in Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research showed a higher-than-average rate of alcohol […]

Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse

In a busy, high-stress world, parents can’t always be alert to the warning signs of substance abuse. It’s practically impossible to monitor a teenager’s behavior 24 hours a day, and socially active teens may spend much of their time away from home. By educating yourself on the signs and symptoms of drug or alcohol use, […]

Legal Drugs Teens Abuse to Get High

Did you know that your child doesn’t have to hang out in dark alleys or associate with the “wrong crowd” to abuse drugs? According to the Monitoring the Future survey, the most recent information suggests that more than 20 percent of high school seniors admit to abusing prescription drugs over the course of their lifetimes, […]

How to Identify Drugs

From time to time, every parent on the planet is asked to play the role of detective. Teens can be secretive, and they’re adept at hiding information they know might land them in hot water with the family. Breaking through this wall of deception can be difficult, and sometimes, it means looking for clues that […]

Health Risks of Substance Abuse

Talking with your teenage boy about the health risks of substance abuse may feel like a losing battle. The average teenager is healthy, strong, and ready to face any danger, including the risks of accidental injury, chronic disease or premature death. Although it might be hard to convince your son to take the health risks […]