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Signs of Spice Abuse

Keeping up with the latest trends in drug abuse among teens can be challenging for parents. One of the newest drugs available to teenagers is “spice,” the street name for a synthetic plant-based product that produces psychoactive effects in users. Spice consists of a blend of dried herbs treated with a mixture of chemicals, including […]

Who Needs Treatment for Ecstasy Abuse?

Ecstasy, otherwise known as 3,4-methylenedioxy-methamphetamine or MDMA, is a synthetic substance sold in pill form that was made popular in the early 1990s at all-night dance parties called “raves.” Providing a stimulant, “feel good” effect on its users, Ecstasy is often referred to as the “love” drug because many users describing feeling a sense of […]

Risks of Ecstasy Overdose

Often called the “happy pill” or the “love drug,” Ecstasy effects can be far from warm and fuzzy. The drug is a synthetic substance created on the black market and sold in different formulations, each one containing different amounts of its active ingredient, 3,4-methylenedioxymeth-amphetamine or MDMA, and other substances, which means that no two pills […]

Ecstasy Affects Impulsivity and Decision Making

Though many have viewed the use of Ecstasy, or 3,4-methylendioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), as harmless due to its “feel good” effects on the user, research has come out demonstrating that it is in fact exceedingly damaging to cognitive ability. Additionally, impulse control was also negatively impacted by use of the drug, and decision-making abilities specifically were impaired. […]

Designer Drug Abuse

Teen Designer Drug Abuse: The Drugs Teens Are Abusing That You’ve Never Heard of The makers of designer drugs study the chemical formulations of known addictive substances and they tweak the formulas just a little bit, ensuring that the products they’re developing are just as effective as the banned substance, but just different enough that […]