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The legalization of recreational marijuana use in California has set off an advertising boom on billboards across the state. They promise “Cannabis, the California Way!” and try to suggest that marijuana can help Californians say goodbye to stress or “get rid of pesky hangovers.” Another billboard promises “unrivaled potency” while asking users to “medicate responsibly.” […]

Teen Rehab and Marijuana Use

Teen Rehab for Marijuana Use Disorder This article presents some of the factors associated with teen marijuana use that appear to be driving more and more adolescents into teen treatment of one kind or another. The number of Americans supporting the legalization of the recreational use of marijuana (cannabis) products has been steadily increasing over […]

Benefits of Extended Care (90 Days)

Recovery from addiction is a gradual process, even for the most active, energetic teens. In the past, 30-day treatment programs were the gold standard for rehab, but more recent clinical research has shown that 90-day extended care programs are more effective. Teens who stay in rehab for longer periods have time to acquire coping skills, […]

When Regular Use Leads to Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse can start for teens when they or another family member are written a legitimate prescription by their family doctor. Without proper supervision or secure storage of medications, teens may be tempted to experiment with the use of these prescription pills and inadvertently develop an addiction or, worse, overdose. The results can be […]

Long-Term Health Risks of Prescription Drug Abuse

There are a number of different kinds of prescription drugs that are highly addictive and have the potential for abuse. These include opiate painkillers (e.g., OxyContin, hydrocodone), central nervous system depressants (long-term users of prescription drugs will risk health problems that include: Organ damage and failure, especially to the kidneys and liver Tolerance to the […]

Identifying Prescription Pills

“It’s not mine, Mom.” “I don’t know what it is, Dad. I’ve never seen it before.” These are likely the answers you’ll get if you find miscellaneous and unidentified pills in your son’s belongings. It can leave you in a nerve-wracking predicament. How do you figure out what type of pills your son is using? […]

Warning Signs Your Teen Is Abusing Heroin

Heroin abuse infects every layer of your son’s life so the signs that indicate your teen is abusing heroin can include a wide range of telltale issues. From health concerns to changes in social choices and problems at home and at school, the signs of addiction are a parent’s first indication that their child needs […]

The Use of Medications in Heroin Treatment

Heroin abuse and heroin addiction are spreading rapidly amongst teens. Due to a rise in prescription drug experimentation, many teens develop an unexpected physical dependence upon opiates and are unable to keep up with the cost of buying pills on the black market. As a result, they turn to the cheaper and more accessible alternative […]