Comprehensive Family Program

The family system can be our strongest source of positive identity, healthy boundaries and expectations, and resources. Families can also be sources of deep dysfunction and pain. At Muir Wood, we believe that family involvement is essential for success in treatment. That includes family education, counseling, and therapy. 

The Family Program at Muir Wood is recognized as one of the most comprehensive programs nationally. The Family Program consists of multiple elements including –

  • Weekly individual family therapy with licensed therapists
  • Multi-Family Process Groups
  • Saturday Family Program
  • Weekend Parent Workshop
  • Weekly Parent Support Webinar
  • 16-week Curriculum-Based Parent Coaching and Aftercare Support facilitated by a licensed therapist (post-discharge)

Between the individual family therapy, weekly phone consultations with licensed therapists, our comprehensive weekend Family Programming, and weekly parent webinars, parents are on average involved in treatment at Muir Wood eight to ten hours each week.

Weekly Individual Family Therapy

Individual family therapy sessions are scheduled with the assigned family therapist with the goal of meeting on campus weekly. However, if this is not possible, individual family therapy via Skype sessions are conducted. Often, Skype sessions can more effective, as teens feel safe to disclose sensitive underlying issues without their parents present in the same room.

Multi-Family Group Therapy

Facilitated by our team of licensed therapists, the multi-family process group compliments the work parents do while engaged in individual family therapy. It provides a platform for parents to interact with other families who have similar experiences allowing for shared perspective, which often lead to a better understanding and acceptance of their own struggles. In multi-family group therapy, these sessions illustrate to those struggling that they are not alone, and within a shared community family can process and learn from one another. 

Saturday Family Program

Our weekly Saturday Family Program is divided into two distinct sessions. In the morning session, families interact with nationally respected adolescent treatment experts who serve as Muir Wood guest lecturers. These lecturers include esteemed physicians and board-certified addiction treatment specialists, psychologists, therapist, educators, and authors. Topics include:

  • Co-dependency and attachment
  • The disease concept and neurobiology of addiction
  • Conflict resolution and effective communication techniques
  • Effective parenting
  • Relapse prevention and preparedness
  • Understanding 12-Step recovery
  • Family reunification
  • Helping teens make the right choices

Two-Day Weekend Parent Workshop

This two-day parent-only program is part of a systems approach to strengthen families of teens in trouble. The primary objectives of this workshop is the exploration of co-dependency as the underlying problem that drives problematic parent-child interactions, promoting and helping families embrace ‘family recovery’ rather than ‘child recovery’ as a solution, demonstrating through interactive experiences how family recovery can transform dialogue and interactions, reducing shame by de-pathologizing parents interactions with their children, and encouraging parents to commit to a shift from control-based parenting to attachment-based parenting. At its’ core, this two-day parent program is about how parents can maximize their influence, work with the power of choice that their children have, and parent from a sense of their own legitimate authority in a positive invitational way.

Weekly Parent Support Webinars

Each week, parents are encouraged to meet via video conference to offer one another peer support and connection. 

These weekly parent-to-parent video calls are facilitated by staff. Topics discussed are flexible and responsive to the specific needs of attending parents.  In these weekly calls, families find community, brainstorm, share ideas and resources, and explore ongoing solutions to family mental health and addiction recovery challenges.

The parent community continues to gather strength, momentum, and hope post-treatment, via a private online social network. The network is available on desktop computers and a mobile phone app. It offers families opportunities for private messaging, organizing groups with members in their local areas, ongoing monthly video support groups, and more. 

16-week Parent Coaching and Aftercare Support – Post Discharge (Optional)

Led by the licensed therapist who facilitates the two-day weekend parent-only workshop, this weekly 90-minute online parent coaching class is optional and available to Muir Wood parents post-discharge. The foundation of this 16-week online Skype coaching program allows for an continued discussion of potential challenges, determining strategies for dealing with and responding to specific dynamics in the family while emphasizing the use of the many tools developed in residential treatment to manage relationships and emotions, the exploration of conflicts and identification of solutions, with the goal of ultimately providing the support parents need to remain on track with their child’s individualized recovery plan post-discharge.

Family Support