Teen boys bedroom at Muir Wood


In addition to behavioral health, Muir Wood supports teens’ developmental growth, as well as physical health and general well-being.

It starts with our modern, well-appointed residential facilities, which provide a safe, comfortable, well-supervised environment. There, residents have the opportunity to learn valuable life skills. For instance, their shared living space brings with it expectations for behavioral and personal responsibility. They’ll be expected to help with group chores, take care of their own laundry, and maintain their living area to specific standards. Our staff teaches these skills with kindness, while reinforcing firm expectations for group living.

Balanced nutrition is extremely important as your child’s body and mind repair from the effects of substance use. Our in-house chef prepares fresh, nutrient-packed meals each day that teens enjoy together in our family-style dining room.

In addition to providing a diet that optimizes recovery, our goal is to help teens change their relationship with food, so they begin to value it as a source of nutrition and energy. The teens help maintain an on-site organic garden, which is a source of ingredients in many meals. Our chef works with each teen to address food concerns and find creative ways to incorporate more fruit and vegetables into their diet.

Teens need physical activity to help them maintain balanced emotions and to act as an outlet for their adolescent energy. In addition, physical activity helps to build confidence and mastery during this critical period of self-discovery.

Residents meet with our certified personal trainer two times each week at a local gym, where they’re guided through a variety of cardio and strength-training workouts, stretching and range of motion exercises, and CrossFit. Our trainer is an integral part of the teens’ recovery program, helping them find the resolve and self-respect to care for their bodies. In addition, our Sunday Adventure Therapy program enables teens to enjoy trips to great locations throughout Northern California. And on campus, the teens are frequently engaged in impromptu games of basketball, soccer, and ping-pong during breaks from their academic and therapy work.

A Place of Well-Being