Muir Wood Teen
Canine Healer, Zeus


Canine Healer

Zeus is a 10 year old Malamute/Husky mix.  He has seen it all, and is a very good listener. He has worked in several capacities over the years: IOP staff, Program Management, Therapist,  Admissions support,  and admin staff. Zeus is also a long time friend of Muir Wood, and helped implement an IOP program years ago.  He has served as staff and a listening ear for years in individual, family, and group sessions.  He is always happy to be petted and loved, and has a ton of love to give.  He also has a healthy appetite (and watch out for your lunch you left out.)  In his spare time, he likes to go to husky/malamute meet ups, go to his friends houses to play, loves boats, hanging out with his best friend Mom, walking everywhere, exploring, and watching movies.

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