Muir Wood Teen

Stephen Magill, MSC, LPCC


Prior to joining Muir Wood, Stephen was the Lead Clinician at Wellpath where he supported the Director of Mental Health providing training and orientation for new line staff, conducting audits of clinical documentation, facilitating suicide prevention interventions, and providing clinical on-call support. At Wellpath, as a Line Clinician, Stephen was also responsible for client assessments, individual and group therapy, crisis intervention, and leading treatment team meetings. Trained extensively in EMDR, DBT, Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support (PBIS), and certified in Sonoma County to implement involuntary mental health holds (5150), Michael has also worked a Clinician at both Aurora Behavioral Health and Devereux where he worked with both adults and adolescents providing family therapy, individual therapy, psychosocial assessments, and coordinating care between an interdisciplinary team of professionals that included psychiatry, nursing, and therapists.

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