Adolescent boxing during fitness class
Rafike Abdo

Rafike A.

Fitness Trainer

Rafike is a husband, and father of two. As a teen Rafike attended Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma, CA which is where he developed his passion and mission of helping and mentoring teens facing hard times in life. Rafike is a former US Marine. In the Marines he was a cook, a translator, and martial arts instructor. Returning from his tours in Iraq he realized he needed to utilize and leverage his passion for personal growth and mental health with physical fitness and healthy nutrition. Rafike has been a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for close to 2 decades. He volunteers with various non profits as the Social Director for Team RWB, a veteran and civilian non-profit that enriches Veterans lives through physical fitness, community service, and social engagements. Rafike is also an instructor for the Sonoma County Devil Pups, a leadership and character development program for teens helping teens become better leaders and  citizens through physical fitness, community service, leadership development, and much more.

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