Muir Wood Teen

Lucas Fleming

Care Coordinator Manager

Luke is passionate about the work he does at Muir Wood. He brings to Muir Wood the experience of being sober at a young age. Luke attended an adolescent rehab himself, has been sober for over four years now, and is active in the Sonoma county young-persons fellowship. Actively pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Psychology at Sonoma State University, Luke plans to transfer to the University of California Berkeley to complete a Masters Degree in Social Work and to eventually become a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. He has been working with adolescents in early recovery for over two years and brings personal experience and empathy to the young men he works closely with at Muir Wood. Luke believes in the importance of a positive, sober, supportive peer group and is actively involved in the community supporting other young people providing compassionate guidance. He is an example to all the boys at Muir Wood of what is possible when in active recovery.

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