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Lisa F., B.A.

Group Facilitator, Family Program

Lisa’s most recent six books are anchored in her 18+ years of studying breakthrough brain and scientific research on a range of substance use and mental health disorder-related topics. This research is guided by her 40+ years’ experience with secondhand drinking, which refers to the negative impacts of a person’s drinking behaviors on others, and her other lived experiences, including eating disorders, trauma, and sexual assault. Her books are intended to help those who similarly struggle understand what is at the root of it all, namely the brain and the “things” it inherited or experienced as it wired, mapped, and developed. This kind of information is something people can use to change, to rewire, to remap their brains and thereby recover their physical and emotional health and quality of life, whether they are the one with the disorder or the one trying to help them. This work and study have culminated in her most recent book, “10th Anniversary Edition If You Loved Me, You’d Stop! What you really need to know when your loved one drinks too much.”

Lisa founded in 2008 to change, and in some cases simply start, the conversations on these topics. She has appeared as an expert guest on a variety of television, radio, and Internet radio programs and authored more than 800 blog posts, articles, and guest posts. She is a nationally recognized keynote speaker with over 30 years’ public speaking experience and consults with individuals, families, treatment centers and organizations across the United States and from as far as Kenya, Slovenia, Iceland, and Mexico.

Prior to this work, Lisa explored a wide range of topics in her writing and speaking career, including civil and women’s rights issues (publishing four biographies on women leaders in these movements and serving as a nationally recognized keynote speaker on women’s history); results-oriented workplace initiatives; career search and job-hunting techniques; and voter registration and empowerment. For more about Lisa, visit and

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