Adolescent boxing during fitness class

Kayla J., BA

Admissions Coordinator

Originally from the Bay Area, Kayla recently returned to Sonoma County after living in Minnesota for the last twenty years. After graduating with her Bachelor’s Degree in Professional Studies in Cultural and Minority Group Relations at Winona State University, Kayla found her niche working in mental health. She ran group homes, coordinating care and teaching independent living skills. She then transitioned to finding equal employment opportunities for adults with disabilities, advocating for equal pay and accommodations throughout the interview and training process. 

Kayla has worked as an Admissions Coordinator since 2016. She enjoys the chaos that comes with working in the Admissions department, as well as the gratification of helping parents find the right treatment for their child. “I just want to help people. I know that when you’re calling us, you’re in crisis mode, overwhelmed, and looking for help. I am honored to work with you and build a relationship while helping you find the best possible treatment for your son/daughter. I hope to give you assurance and peace of mind that you’ve found the right people to guide you through this process.”

Outside of work, Kayla enjoys painting, cooking, and going to the beach. A total animal lover, Kayla does animal/wildlife rehabilitation, and you will usually see her carrying one of her foster babies.

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